A closeup of a drip painting taken from Wikimedia Commons.
A closeup of a drip painting taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Drip Painting As A Business

An Ingenious Hustle

February 17, 2023

     Creation of abstract art, specifically drip paintings, for the purpose of financial benefit is an act many amateur entrepreneurs have taken upon themselves within the past two years. Many of these individuals are often looking to generate income with relative ease, which makes drip painting especially attractive due to the minimal effort it requires. Those pursuing this form of business often make use of e-commerce sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.

     During the first quarter of 2020, a trend of developing easy-to-make drip paintings had emerged on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, and had begun to take the Internet by storm. Many users of these sites had been quick to jump on the bandwagon of monetizing such. A plethora of these hustlers had found immense monetary success, though receiving harsh criticism regarding their endeavors. Many of these critics had most prominently been amateur artists who provide immense effort into their works, often describing these go-getters as undeserving.

     The immediate process of drip painting typically taken by those trying to make a quick buck is fairly simple. All which is often promptly utilized in this procedure is a canvas, containers of different colored paint, a canvas, and a device capable of Internet connection which proves sufficient for listing the product. The process is relatively simple at first, simply splashing paint upon a canvas with oftentimes little effort, taking a picture of such, and cataloging such over the web. Seldom, though many times purchased, these paintings are sold for thousands of dollars respectively—frequently being the largest provoker of seasoned artists’ frustrations.

A drip painting by Leslie Hawley.
A drip painting by Leslie Hawley.

     If you’ve taken inspiration from these high-fliers, you can even make profit from any easy-to-make art, whether or not it be drip paintings. I suggest querying YouTube for abstract art tutorials or watching this hyperlinked video by Amalia Th on YouTube, where she showcases herself creating her own abstract art to receiving bids from those interested in buying such.

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