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Meet Your Computer Science Teacher

January 6, 2022


Andrew Soth

Mrs. Benitez-Smith

Ashley Benitez-Smith—a teacher at Brunswick High that teaches computer science and cyber security. She has an undergraduate degree from University of Maryland Baltimore County in English literature, a graduate degree from Hood College in curriculum instruction, and is currently seeking to get certified to teach cyber security at the high school. 

Mrs. Smith teaches the following classes: Foundation of Computer Science (FOCS), Advanced Computing Concepts, AP Computer Science Principles, and would like to teach AP Computer Science A. The class FOCS is an entry level course learning about web development, basic cyber security, computer science history, hardware, and python programming. In Advanced Computing Concepts, it is an introduction class for a cyber security course. The class will allow students to study ethical hacking and related parts such as cyber security in business, national security, ethics of cyber security, and offensive and defensive hacking skills. The AP Computer Science Principles is a rigorous AP course. It is an introduction course that goes into learning about data, internet and network, and JavaScript (Java) programming. The class that Mrs. Smith would like to teach AP Computer Science A, which is an introductory course into Java and focusing into the different aspects of Java like how it is used in computer science.

“There is no limit or restriction preventing you from getting into the computer science field. I was originally an English teacher and somehow I became a teacher for computer science.”

She is the lead mentor of the two robotics teams at Brunswick High. They are Minerva’s Mechanic and Apollo’s Architect. The robotics team competes in competition to build robots that complete various challenges. The Minerva’s Mechanic is the veteran team and the Apollo’s Architect was recently created due to lots of students joining. Mrs. Smith is also the faculty advisor for the Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS). The CSHS creates computer science projects for the community and helps students with computer science.

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