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Garnet & Gold Gazette

Stock photo from Is Practicing Inclusion And Valuing Diversity A Common Blind Spot? by  Joseph Folkman

BHS Presents Diversity Night

Carla Kemtchouang, Engineer March 11, 2022

The continent of Africa is said to be the starting place of humanity, as it is believed that the first humans to walk the Earth lived there approximately two million years ago. Evolution has allowed them...

Mrs. Rusenko (2008) two years into her Railroader journey

Get to Know Radiant Rusenko

Carla Kemtchouang, Engineer December 15, 2021

Mrs. Rusenko is BHS’ Virtual In-School, or VIS, mentor. FCPS hosts these virtual classes for different subjects, and a mentor is a staff member in the student’s home school who helps them navigate...

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