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Pickerel Frog

The Poisonous Pickerel

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer May 23, 2022

Maryland, as a state, is often unremarkable. When asked to choose the better of two states from a list of all 50 (plus Washington D.C.), Maryland had only a 49% win rate and was 26th out of all the states....

A Silent Voice Movie Official Art

Mental Illness Media

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer May 12, 2022

This article contains potentially triggering topics: Mental Illness, Suicide, Bullying, Social Anxiety, and the mistreatment of those with disabilities. Please be aware of your mental state before reading,...

A photo of the walkout

LGBTQ+ Problems = Never A Joke

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer April 10, 2022

April 1st, 2022—A protest starts in the United States. Students in 241 schools across 45 states perform a walkout protest, carrying pride flags and posters against anti-LGBTQ bills that are being introduced...

Schooltime Nostalgia

Schooltime Nostalgia

Elizabeth Bailey and Lucius Boget March 23, 2022

Life is full of memories. There are good memories, bad memories, and memories we cannot fully reach, that we can only grasp at... sometimes we feel longing for these memories of the past, especially when...

Photo of nonogram books and mind puzzles by Elizabeth Bailey

Nonograms: A Game of Logic

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer March 17, 2022

In this ever growing world there is a vastness of knowledge and entertainment, and many people who find enjoyment in games of logic and deliberation. Sudoku, minesweeper, solitaire, dot-to-dots, all these...

An Artists Depiction of Their Anxiety (Elizabeth Bailey)

Art and Effects on Mental Illness

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer March 7, 2022

This article contains potentially triggering topics: mental illness, suicide, and self-harm. Please be aware of your mental state before reading and reach out to the appropriate source linked below...

Artwork by Elizabeth Bailey

The Importance Of Sleep

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer February 27, 2022

Sleep is important in our lives—it must be, seeing we spend so much time performing the action and hear so often how much sleep we should get. If we don't sleep well during the week, we try to catch...

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