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Egg prices are souring to over $7 for just a dozen of eggs at Walmart.

Egg Prices Crack Under Pressure

Mia McGuffin, Engineer February 1, 2023

Throughout the world egg prices soar as shelves grow empty. What will this mean for dying Easter eggs? How much will prices rise? When will this madness end?  What can I do to ensure eggs are in my...

Each thread is used in a certain section of the textile.

Each Thread Counts

Mia McGuffin, Engineer October 11, 2022

15th CENTURY The start of lace was first brought to the world through fashion. It all started in smaller parts of Europe but quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe. Genoa and Venice were the first...

A youth showman riding a heifer for the National Anthem.

A Heifer To Remember

Mia McGuffin, Engineer October 11, 2022

A BRIEF HISTORY:  Texas Longhorns go back to the late 1400s. Cattle were not indigenous to North America, but were introduced by gold-seeking Spanish conquistadors. Longhorn cattle have made it through...

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Movie Magic

Mia McGuffin, Engineer April 5, 2022

Most movies start out in the big city like Hollywood—or the big city like New York. And they might even stay there for the filming process. But some movies are filmed in other states because directors...

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Barbies Debuted On March 9!

Mia McGuffin, Engineer March 9, 2022

  1950s: In 1959, Barbie was created by Ruth and Elliot Handler—The inspiration behind the doll we all know was actually inspired by their daughter. She plated with make believe paper...

A Red Panda walks on a tree trunk, courtesy of Google Images

Red Pandas Face Extinction!

Mia McGuffin, Engineer February 23, 2022

Red pandas are one of the 41,415 species that are currently facing extinction. Red pandas are located in the Eastern Himalayas of China. Most of you might not know what a red panda looks like. Well, they...

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Flowering Fun!

Mia McGuffin, Engineer February 23, 2022

When it comes to flowers there are many different varieties, types, and seasons: when to plant them, how long it will last, etc. If you are interested in having a few flowering plants or some garden beds,...

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The World Of Butterflies

Mia McGuffin, Engineer February 20, 2022

What is a Butterfly?      A butterfly is a member of the Lepidoptera family which refers to tiny scales covering the insects wings. There are over 20,000 species of butterflies varying in color and...

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What’s To Know About Mr. Harringtion?

Mia McGuffin, Engineer January 10, 2022

For this teacher feature we are going into the 600 building to learn more about Mr.Harrington. Mr.Harrington is one of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) advisors and an agriculture teacher. Graduating...

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