Brunswick 2022 Prom Theme (Autumn Crutchley)
Brunswick 2022 Prom Theme

Autumn Crutchley

A Night Under The Sea

The First In-Person Prom Since 2019

May 2, 2022

A Night Under the Sea is going to be a night remembered forever! Since the pandemic, in-person social events have been cancelled—anything from proms to graduation all the way to weddings—huge moments in the young teens lives. We only have so many years to make crucial memories and our high school ones are ones we’re going to remember forever—some are a right of passage. COVID-19 really put a pause on social events for the class of 2020-21. COVID-19 took away their graduation, prom, homecoming, spirit weeks, sports, etc. They were beyond upset and devastated.  Parents came forward though and threw a prom for the kids, still social distanced, but it was a memory that will be remembered! As being a student in the class of ’23, my fellow classmates and myself had the option to return to school and participate in the activities we missed.

We had the opportunities to celebrate in things together again. I asked Mrs. Bentley, a teacher at Brunswick who helped plan and put the first in person prom since 2020, a few questions on how she felt about how it was to give the students back their ability to their right of passage. Here’s what she had to say:

How does it feel to host the first prom since 2019?

“I think its great that the students will once again have the opportunity to go a traditional prom, I think that its a huge part of their high school experience and it was really hard for all of the staff when the students of 2020 had to miss their prom, so I’m very happy that they’ll be able to have that traditional high school experience again!” said Bentley.

How do you think the students feel through a teacher’s eyes?

“So our tickets sale are a little bit higher than normal and I think students are really excited to be able to do things like prom, graduation and school-spirited events. I think that when they were weren’t able to do it, they really realized how much they enjoyed it and how important it is to them, so I think that everyone’s excited and anxious to get back to normal and back to the fun!” Bentley exclaimed.

As we move on in to the last few weeks of the school year, we can’t help but think that this was our first normal year of school we’ve had since 2019. All the pep-rallies we’ve missed, the Friday night lights, the dances, all the spirit weeks, have been gone for so long, so to finally get a sense of normality back is a huge breath of fresh air. Sadly, we soon say goodbye to our class of 2022. We hope that they got to makeup for time lost during the pandemic and hope they go on to do incredible things in the future!

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