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Josh Wiles

April 27, 2022


Josh Wiles is a current engineer on the Garnet and Gold Gazette staff.


He loves playing video games, Role-Playing Games (RPGs) specifically and listens to rock music. He’s taken Horticulture I and II and Introduction to Science and Tech Agriculture here at BHS and helped organize the Plant Sale this year for Horticulture II.

“It means a good bit to me because for a while, a big part of me wanted to be a writer. [The Garnet and Gold Gazette] gave me a chance to pursue that dream of mine. It has brought back I guess you would call it a spark or passion for writing.”

“It has impacted me by letting me open up easier.”

“Write about what you want to write about. Don’t be afraid of what other people might think about the subject you are writing about if it is something that interests you, as long as it is not too dark.”

“My favorite high school memory is the field trip to Washington DC.”

“I plan on doing quite a few things like landscaping, creating an organization that breeds, protects, and studies endangered or vulnerable species, preparing the ones who were bred for life in the wild, and try to make the laws that prohibit hunting endangered animals more harsh on the poachers. Becoming a writer is also one of the many ideas I have for my future.”


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    adviserMay 5, 2022 at 8:13 am

    Josh—Thank you for being an Engineer! I wish you all the best. Keep me updates on all your stops in life! <3 Ms. G