A variety of succulents. (Mia McGuffin)
A variety of succulents.

Mia McGuffin

No Such Thing As A Green Thumb

How To Earn Your "Green Thumb"

March 24, 2023

Have you ever been told you have a “numb thumb” or “green thumb”?

Very little watering is needed. Succulents don’t need moist soil so keep your succulents in bright, indirect light and water the soil when it looks bone dry. (Mia McGuffin)

But what does that even mean, and how do I get a green thumb?

The saying of having a green thumb came from England’s King Edward I, who enjoyed eating fresh green peas and who has been said to regularly give prizes to the serf who could display the greenest thumb from shelling them. The phrase generally refers to a person who has a gift for growing plants. But you don’t just have to have the gift, you can work for it and earn a green thumb through hard work, trial and error, and research. People who possess knowledge and understanding of the conditions of plants will allow them to be successful through growing their plants and understanding what they need. When your plants get pests and diseases, knowledge can save that plant. Researching your plant a bit more will put you and your plant in a better position.

To get off on the right foot, start to research what type of plants you might want and what requirements you have. Some factors to consider are how much light you get, watering and maintenance requirements, humidity requirements, what type of plant you want to buy; annuals, perennials,  native plants, indoor plants, tropical plants. There are a million articles and apps out on the internet that will be the easiest way to get accurate and helpful information.Starting with one of these plants will allow you to start your green thumb and enable you with success as long as you follow their needs.

Snake Plant (1); Snake plants will survive in low light and with infrequent waterings. Too much water will kill a snake plant by causing root rot. Spider Plant (2); Spider plants need low light. Water when soil feels dry, about 1-2 a week. Pathos (3); Tolerates low to bright light, drying between watering, it is easy to start new cuttings from the plant. Mia McGuffin

Starting with one of these plants will allow you to start your green thumb and enable you with success as long as you follow their needs.

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    Jay FollinMay 19, 2023 at 8:03 am

    This article is written so well. You did amazing with the photos.