Why High Schools Should Have Recess

Why Recess Is Important At All Ages

March 31, 2023

Recess in high school should be added as a part of the daily routine and how it could be beneficial to so many people within our schools in America. This topic has been talked about for multiple years on why recess should be added to a typical day of high school. There are so many beneficial reasons why this would benefit high schoolers.

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The first reason on why recess should be added is that it increases physical activity. Improving their students memory, attention, and concentration. Many kids feel that after a few hours of school it’s hard to pay attention and sit still in class since we all are in school 7 hours 5 days a week.

An interview with Henna Ducolon, a Brunswick sophomore, stated, “It’s very hard sometimes to maintain sitting still in a classroom for multiple hours. Especially when you love playing sports. I strongly agree that recess should be added to our daily lives so we can get outside during a nice day at the school and socialize with our friends and maybe throw a ball around to get our energy out to help us maintain our attention throughout the day.”


Brunswick High School

The second reason is that it increases academic achievement by helping concentration levels and mental health issues. Studies show from researchers, doctors, health care workers and scientists that after recess children are more attentive in class, perform better cognitively and have fewer behavioral problems. Also, on the good side, recess helps people make friends due to going out and playing basketball, four square, kickball or any other activity. This makes kids talk to each other and have them work together better. It gives kids a chance to relate to each other and helps them socially.

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The third reason is that it can help kids get in better shape mentally and physically By playing sports during recess each day during a week of school or socializing. It could improve one’s health physically and mentally. This could also help better shape a person’s behavior not only in the classroom but outside of it with others as well. All of this will make good coping skills for the future of high school students. That’s finally all the reasons why high school should have recess. Everyone should be free to go outside and work off their energy on a nice day during the long school days and it helps with the mental aspect of school. 

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