Created with Canva by Mia McGuffin
Created with Canva by Mia McGuffin

Losing Our Roots!

How Agriculture Is Effected By Social Media

April 20, 2023

Local 4-H members sharing their experience with senior citizens. (Mia McGuffin)

Throughout the years we have seen a change in the way we view information.

Some might look towards a book or a magazine for information but as we have seen from our own eyes there has been a shift in how many people flock towards their device for information. Through our devices social media has been a resourceful way to get information to viewers in an instant but social media has advantages such as easier access to information, but there are disadvantages such as losing one-on-one experiences through the agriculture industry. 

An advantage of social media is that it brings quick attention to viewers. According to Statista, 82% of U.S citizens are active throughout social media. If there is an important topic, issue or event that has taken place, social media is the fastest way to bring attention.

This could help agriculture through many ways whether it is to bring attention to an impacting subject or helpful resources for viewers. As you browse through the shelves of your local library that you only go to once a month if time is available, it is unlikely you will find a book to answer all of your agricultural questions let alone get to read the whole thing. With social media, articles are easy to access giving insightful information and the ability for a brief overview answering your questions quickly but also giving you the option to have read more in depth.

Another advantage of social media is that it allows you to share your experiences of agriculture with others—whether it is about a certain product you enjoyed or had trouble with or a certain practice you found for your plants. With social media viewers from states away could help others by sharing their experience from just a screen away.

Local 4-H members educate the public on rabbit care. (Mia McGuffin)

As social media has grown year by year—the agricultural industry has not only brought light to others but it has also suffered. Social media has taken over making their viewers lose interest in their surroundings such as agriculture. Although social media can bring attention to the viewer, it won’t really retain throughout their mind. If you’re going to teach the viewer what pests to look for in an ill plant, teaching them in person will help them retain their new knowledge and help teach others who might have the same problem.

Agriculture teachers get a one-on-one experience with students. (Mia McGuffin)

With social media that one-on-one experience and visuals are lost with no true impact. As social media grows visual learning gets lost throughout time making it harder for some to retain their new knowledge.

Social media has become a part of our daily lives and it is important we adapt throughout the agriculture industry to continue to bring attention and information to viewers. Even though social media is the new way, we still must advocate for agriculture through demonstrations, articles, and one on one experiences.

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    Elizabeth RosemierApr 20, 2023 at 11:50 am

    Great article, Mia. Love the insight!