Jacob and Bella wining senior suprelative “Future President”. Image courtesy of BHS Yearbook Staff
Jacob and Bella wining senior suprelative “Future President”. Image courtesy of BHS Yearbook Staff

BHS Goes Ivy League

Brunswick Class of 2023 Students Attending Harvard And Yale This Fall!

May 4, 2023

Brunswick’s class of 2023 has not failed to impress us with some amazing accomplishments. Many upcoming collegiate athletes, future teacher’s, doctors, and more! Everyone should be so proud. At the BHS Gazette we would like to recognise the great accomplishments of our two BHS students attending Ivy league schools next year. The garnet and gold gazette’s very own Jacob Winter will be attending Harvard University, and Bella Amell will be attending Yale.

Jacob Winter speaking at Board of Education meeting in regards of the Brunswick High School rebuild. Image courtesy of FCPS-MD via live stream.

Jacob has worked very hard through high school to be accepted into such a prestigious school. Jacob states, “Apart from paying due attention to my school work, I primarily focused on cultivating my interests and abilities. I participated in Academic Team all four years of high school, an experience that broadened my knowledge base and taught me valuable leadership and communication skills. I also dedicated myself to advocacy, beginning with a campaign to implement a permanent virtual school option post-COVID-19 for students who excel in alternative learning environments, and subsequently working on issues of racism in the school system, and the expedited construction of a new Brunswick High School. Most importantly, I worked to hone my writing, an activity I love and cherish, through school-based journalism, college-level English courses, and personal creative projects.”

Jacob’s hard work and dedication has clearly paid off. We are so grateful to have him on our team at the Garnet and Gold Gazette and we are eager to see the amazing things he will accomplish.

Bella Amell after serving as student page for the Maryland General Assembly, shaking hands with governer Wes Moore. Image courtesy of FCPS-MD via Instagram.

Bella Amell will be attending Yale this fall. Bella has done countless acts of service though highschool to get her to this point. Bella says, “Something Yale is big about is an  “and” not “or” mentality. For me, this  has meant being able to persue wildly different activities like chior/theater and student government.” Bella had a wide range of acedemic sucess. She even ran for student member of the board. While Bella did not win  she was able to overcome this loss and stay involved though the student member advisory council and founding Frederick County Students for a Change.  Bella was able to write her common app essay about this “failure” and how she turned it into something so great, all because of this “and” not “or” mindset. Along with a steller common app essay, Bella empiszued being a first-generation and rural town student. Bella says the best advice she can give to anyone wanting to go to an Ivy leave school or applying to college in general is to “create a consistant story as to who you are as a person.”

We are so proud of Jacob and Bella. Their legacy and all their great accomplishments will last forever in Brunswick High School.  It is great to see a small school like Brunwick produce such acomplished students. We are grateful for role models like Jacob and Bella and know their future is bright as these astounding acomplishments will continue.

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