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Editor, Kylie Lancaster, has been part of the Journalism program since her sophomore year. She has been editor since her junior year and has a lot of knowledge to share with future students! Photo used with permission of Julie Wagner.
Editor, Kylie Lancaster, has been part of the Journalism program since her sophomore year. She has been editor since her junior year and has a lot of knowledge to share with future students! Photo used with permission of Julie Wagner.
Julie Wagner

Now that you’ve both been editors for three years and had all four levels of journalism, what’s your biggest takeaway from the content?

“After watching the website’s views rise and fall, the biggest takeaway I have is to produce relative content, specifically content that is community oriented. I have also noticed that the quicker you cover an event, the more views it will bring in. For example, I personally covered the vandalism that occurred at Brunswick about two days after the incident happened, and that article is my most viewed article I’ve ever written with over 1,200 views. With that being said, it is imperative that you find what interests you. If you try to write about an event or issue that you have no interest in, it will reflect in your work.”

Now that you’ve worked tirelessly to perfect your craft as a journalist, won all the elements of a distinguished site, what’s your most valued accomplishment, as you retire your role as editor?

“I would have to say that my most valued accomplishment was the second time I won Best of SNO. The first time I won Best of SNO gave us the ability to start working for a Distinguished Site. However, I consider the second time I won to be my most valued accomplishment because we were convinced that it was impossible for the same person to win Best of SNO twice in one school year; we had never heard of it being done before. To say our website won seven awards (instead of just the six we needed to win Distinguished Site) this year, with only two staff members for half of the year, has to be one of the most valuable accomplishments I’ve ever made.”

What was your favorite moment as editor?

“It’s hard to choose just one favorite moment I’ve had as editor over the span of two years. Three national awards later – how do I choose just one that was my favorite? Awards aside, I think one of my favorite memories was going to Hood College’s Media Day. I was able to spend the day with people I usually wouldn’t spend time with outside of school and we just had a really great day learning what college would look like for communication majors! We had a lot of laughs that day and I will remember the time I got to spend with everyone for a very long time!”

What was your favorite part of being on the newspaper staff?

“My favorite part of being on the G&G Gazette staff has been the relationships I have made. Being editors together has made Ava and I so much closer and we communicate much more than we used to. I have built a strong relationship with other staff members in the building as well as adults outside of school that I have used as resources in my articles. I talk to G&G Gazette alumni that I probably wouldn’t have talked to without our connection through journalism. I’m so extremely grateful for everyone I have met and formed a relationship with over the years of reporting!”

What would you like to see from The Garnet and Gold Gazette in the future?

“In the future, I would like to continue to see high-quality news. I hope future engineers continue to adhere to the correct journalistic process and they will want to continue the traditions and style Ava and I have created in three years. I’m also excited to see incoming engineers continue to expand our multimedia category and bring their own creative minds to video production. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing more students fall in love with journalism like I have!”

How do you think your time as editors will help you in the future?

“Besides journalism being a great resume builder that I was able to use for my college applications as well as the beginning of my professional resume, being an editor had an immense impact on me intellectually. I am much more cognizant of my word choice and use of grammar after years of editing. My time as editor has also changed the career path I want to pursue in the future from nursing to reporting.”

How has mastering elements of journalism changed your writing?

“Journalism has changed my writing from your average, honors student writing to a more professional writing style. Since I know hundreds or even thousands of people could be reading what I write, it pushes me to write with class and keeps me aware of the way I present information.”

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Kylie Lancaster
Kylie Lancaster, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Kylie Lancaster is a senior at Brunswick High School and is editor-in-chief of the Garnet & Gold Gazette. Kylie has taken Journalism I-IV. She is also president of the Journalism Club as well as NEHS. She has been an important part of our website design and is a social media coordinator of our Instagram account: @bhsgazette.  After high school, she will be attending Hood College majoring in Mass Communications. Once she gets her Bachelor's degree, she plans to pursue her Master's degree in Journalism. 
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