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Cocaine Bear—The Value Of The Lowbrow

Cocaine Bear—The Value Of The Lowbrow

Matthew Peluso, Engineer March 17, 2023

In today’s day and age, movies are more varied and diverse than ever. Whether the latest from a big name like Tarantino on Spielberg, an indie hit from A24 or the next in the superstar franchise that...

Lil Uzi Goat

The Ups and Downs of Rolling Loud California

Michael Andrews, Engineer March 14, 2023

Rolling Loud is one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the world. It's very loved and very known in the music industry—world renown artists from everywhere perform for their fans (and the money)—only...

School buses in their parking lot

Field Trips: More Than A Day Off

Diana Kaaga, Engineer February 24, 2023

Since elementary school we have had a problem with minimal amounts of field trips. And against the beliefs of some teachers and adults, students don't just want field trips for the sake of having fun,...

Manke and Rifkele: Indecent by Paula Vogel

*** Isn’t In The Script

Jasmine Ling, Engineer February 22, 2023

Theater season is upon us! Many schools are preparing to open their auditorium doors to share the talents of several students across the nation with shows such as: The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Addams...

With biased and confusing dress codes in place, many students are left wondering: Whats acceptable to wear? Photo from Google Creative Commons

The Dress Code In Public Schools

Sydney Packin, Engineer February 21, 2023

A dress code is implemented in almost every public school in the United States. School and district administrators claim that they are applied with the intent to prevent distractions in the classroom and...

Top 5 Super Bowl Performances

Top 5 Super Bowl Performances

Diana Kaaga, Engineer February 21, 2023

The very first Super Bowl game was January 15, 1967, and as is custom there was a performance from the Arizona Symphonic Marching Band, which I am sure was great, but not memorable. It wasn't until Michael...

Uncle Sam clutches a Ukrainian flag on the sidelines of the Big Game.

Football Season Is Here And Popular Wars Aren’t Dead

Jacob W. Winter , Engineer February 10, 2023

"Once you get locked into serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can." — Raoul Duke "Peace will come suddenly, we won't understand when it does.”  — Sal Paradise America...

A representation of what Bullying can look like from an Artists perspective

Bullying – A Lack of Knowledge

Lucius Boget and Elizabeth Bailey November 10, 2022

Bullying is an epidemic in the world, with almost all people having an experience with bullying. Some people have experienced being bullied, others being the bully, or being the bystander watching...

Students meet to discuss the dress code.  Left to Right: Xavier Phillips, Isaac Hatch, Jacob Winter, Bella Amell, Bree Shiley

The Dress Code Council And The Effect Of Student Voices

Lucius Boget and Carter Lazarow September 6, 2022

The DCC (Dress Code Council) would be a student-run council able to rewrite and improve upon the dress code here at Brunswick and possibly around other schools in Frederick County. How exactly are they...

via Internet

How To Write An Article: For Procrastinators

Reese Fitch, Engineer June 1, 2022

Well, that’s why I'm here writing this article. Starting an article can be hard for most people like me—a procrastinator. We're stuck in the mud, and are impossible to get rid of. It's only as hard...


The Deadly Process Of Procrastination

Ella McMonagle, Engineer May 31, 2022

Procrastination—The action of delaying or postponing something. That is the dictionary definition. It is the end of the year and we only have a few days left. The amount of work that has been piled up...

A young bunny stands on two legs sniffing shasta dasies bordering a sidewalk.

Top Five Best Flowers to Plant in May

Zelly Maier, Engineer May 13, 2022

Looking for a relaxing hobby this summer? This study from the National Library of Medicine found that office workers felt more relaxed physically and mentally when around flowers. Gardening as a hobby...

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