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AI conceptualized, Made by Gencraft, Created with M.J. King

The Ever-Advancing Progression of AI: Exploring the Future of Artificial Intelligence

MJ King, Engineer May 15, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since its inception, transforming from a mere concept into a revolutionary technology that permeates various aspects of our lives....

Pride Image created on Canva

Pride Parade History

Jay Follin, Engineer May 15, 2023

June is the month that is full of the pride of LGBTQIA+. June first starts Pride month and it is full of celebration for the LGBTQIA+ community. Everyone in the community and fellow allies rally together...

Jacob and Bella wining senior suprelative Future President. Image courtesy of BHS Yearbook Staff

BHS Goes Ivy League

Ava Stiglicz, Engineer May 4, 2023

Brunswick’s class of 2023 has not failed to impress us with some amazing accomplishments. Many upcoming collegiate athletes, future teacher’s, doctors, and more! Everyone should be so proud. At the...

Downtown Harpers Ferry - West Virginia public broadcasting

Harpers Ferry Ghost Tour Review

Thailer Bounthisane, Engineer April 28, 2023

Located on St. Peter's Church, 100 Church St, Harper's Ferry, WV 25425. A ghost tour called “Ghost Tours of Harper's Ferry '' consist of a 'Family & Dog Friendly' Spooky Stories experience appropriate...


Time Is Ticking Down For This Global Media Powerhouse

Sammy Joseph, Engineer April 21, 2023

At this point TikTok is a well-known video-sharing app that has been the core of an ongoing struggle between those who find it to be an invasive, untrustworthy, company and those who find it to be an enjoyable...

College Student Discounts!

College Student Discounts!

Abby Sharp, Engineer April 21, 2023

Electronic Discounts: Best Buy- You can enroll in the Best Buy Student Discount program to qualify for discounted products Apple- If you purchase an apple product, you can qualify for free discounts...

Created with Canva by Mia McGuffin

Losing Our Roots!

Mia McGuffin, Engineer April 20, 2023

Throughout the years we have seen a change in the way we view information. Some might look towards a book or a magazine for information but as we have seen from our own eyes there has been a shift...

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Boston Bombing: 10 Years Later

Diana Kaaga, Engineer April 19, 2023

Over the spring break the 10-year anniversary of the Boston Bombing passed. This was a tragic event that occurred on April 15, 2013. The victims that died ranged in age from 8 to 29 years old. They...

The Murdaugh Family Murders

The Murdaugh Family Murders

Sydney Packin, Engineer March 31, 2023

The Murdaugh family is a very prominent legal family in South Carolina. The family’s law firm, the Parker Law Group, was originally founded by Randolph Murdaugh, Sr. in 1910, and has made the family...

Board members hear public comment from Brunswick students during March 8th meeting

Board Moves Forward With Plan To Review Brunswick High Replacement Timeline

Jacob W. Winter , Engineer March 27, 2023

At a Board of Education meeting on March 8th, members voted to review options for accelerating the replacement of Brunswick High School, a project first approved in June of 2019 but subsequently delayed...

Focused hacker in hood using a laptop.

Your Digital Footprint And How It Affects You

Diana Kaaga, Engineer March 24, 2023

With everything online—we have to be contentious about what we are posting on the internet and engaging with online. Contrary to the belief that using private browsing protects you—your information...

Chat GPT has changed education from Google Images Creative Commons via Flickr

ChatGPT & OpenAI

Isaac Hatch, Engineer March 24, 2023

The advent of advanced artificial intelligence has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and ChatGPT is one of the latest and most innovative technologies to emerge from this field.  In the...

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