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James (Luca) Mosley
James (Luca) Mosley
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Inflation over the last 100 years for US.
The Rise of Inflation
Lucius Boget, Engineer • June 1, 2022
James (Luca) Mosley
James (Luca) Mosley
Kylie Lancaster September 22, 2022

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Apathy Makes Voting Almost Useless
Ava Stiglicz, Engineer • May 31, 2022

Voter registration among young adults is at an all time low. The Civic Center says, “fewer than 20% of youth who will turn 18 by the 2022 midterms...

How computer vision has multiple applications in the real world.
How AI Is Changing The Future
Michael Kittredge, Engineer • May 29, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first seen in the science fiction world—with talking houses and futuristic assistants. Those are now a reality,...

Walking into Harpers Ferry
photo by Mackenzie Thompson
Arts & Entertainment
A Trip to Harpers Ferry
Mackenzie Thompson, Engineer • May 31, 2022

Harpers Ferry is located in West Virginia. There are many things here such as: nature, sightseeing, trails, shopping, and historical buildings...

This graphic represents death since it is a common theme for the metal music genre.
Metal Vocal Techniques & Genres
Josh Wiles, Engineer • May 11, 2022
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Halloween In April
Chloë Gregory, Engineer • May 6, 2022
Students meet to discuss the dress code.  Left to Right: Xavier Phillips, Isaac Hatch, Jacob Winter, Bella Amell, Bree Shiley
The Dress Code Council And The Effect Of Student Voices
Lucius Boget and Carter Lazarow September 6, 2022

The DCC (Dress Code Council) would be a student-run council able to rewrite and improve upon the dress code here at Brunswick and possibly around...

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How To Write An Article: For Procrastinators
Reese Fitch, Engineer • June 1, 2022

Well, that’s why I'm here writing this article. Starting an article can be hard for most people like me—a procrastinator. We're stuck in...

The Deadly Process Of Procrastination
Ella McMonagle, Engineer • May 31, 2022

Procrastination—The action of delaying or postponing something. That is the dictionary definition. It is the end of the year and we only have...

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