Saturday Night Fights

“Celebration Of The Frederick Scene” —Jackson Owens
Black Locust headlining Saturday Night Fights at the Let There Be Rock School on November 11th, 2023
Black Locust headlining Saturday Night Fights at the Let There Be Rock School on November 11th, 2023
Sonya Matthews

Music is an integral part of our culture. Previously music had been considered a niche subject only experienced in person or by a street performer. Now being consumed at extreme rates, it is often overlooked as locally important. Our local city has an often overlooked but rich culture that is filled with all kinds of different music. This is exemplified through the bi-annual “Saturday (Friday) Night Fights.”

Saturday Night Fights has been a staple of the “Rock School” since its conception in 2018.  Ever since then it has shown the variety of creativity from the rock school and other local bands including Black Locust, Violet Evergreen, Haven, Dosser, Gatwick, and Personal Space and more.

Quotes from performers and concert attendees:

 Whats it like headlining Saturday Night Fights?
“It’s awesome, cause I remember when I used to come here to watch the bands play at Saturday Night Fights when I wasn’t even like playing in a band you know so it’s really cool cause like now I’m older and now I’m actually like headlining, it’s really dope. It’s also a lot of fun cause all my friends are here so I get to see everybody.” —Tyler Miller, drummer of Black Locust.

What’s it like headlining Saturday Night Fights and what does it mean to you?“Are we headlining? It’s pretty cool, yeah I guess it’s pretty sweet, I didn’t realize that. Yeah, I guess if we’re at the end that does make us the headliners. It’s nice, a lot of anticipation. It’s cool.”[…]“ It’s a fight to the death, it happens here at the Let There Be Rock School, a lot of people are gonna die.” —Ben Brenner, guitarist of Black Locust. 

What does Saturday Night Fights mean to you?

“Uh, a lot of hard ass work and a lot of moppin.” —Nikki Bay, a concert-goer

“Celebration of the Frederick scene.” —Jackson Owens, a concert-goer

How do you feel about Saturday Night Fights and experiencing it for the first time?
“I think it was a great experience especially for my first like rock concert um I love it, it’s very energetic and fun. I love Haven.” —Charlotte Ruelas, a concert-goer

Filled with music new and old from all different backgrounds, after all of the hard ass work and fun, local bands and fans get to see the fruits of the hours they put into their art through the energy filled Saturday Night Fights.

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