A mix of a few Yuno Miles songs
A mix of a few Yuno Miles songs
Isleina Ramos Mena

You Know Miles?

Who Is The Meme Rap Sensation?

You Know Miles The Rapper?

Yuno Miles, the internet sensation who has left a mark on both meme culture and rap music, soared to popularity with hits like “Indiana Jones” and “Martin Luther,” captivating audiences who can’t seem to get enough of his songs. Despite a rocky start in the rap scene, Yuno Miles found his way by embracing meme rap, a move that would define his music. Before gracing the internet stage, Yuno Miles was a failed actor and WWE wrestler, details uncovered through the lyrics in his rap songs.

The early struggles in Yuno Miles’ musical career allowed him to master the art of marketing. A key to his success was his abnormal approach, which included consistent engagement with popular Twitch streamers’ chats. Which allowed him to gain attention from a popular streamer who reviewed his diss track. His breakthrough moment occurred with the release of the music video “Roads to Riches” on YouTube, accumulating a staggering two million views as of December 2023.

Before reaching this milestone, Yuno Miles had aspirations besides music. He ventured into the world of WWE, as mentioned in his diss track against the wrestling organization. Due to these setbacks, Yuno Miles, with support from his mother, began a career as a SoundCloud rapper. Yet he found himself facing a challenge when his mother, unimpressed by his music, kicked him out of her home. Yuno Miles relocated to Manhattan, with his first studio being outside on a blanket with his 100 dollar computer and his 15 dollar mic. Later on, he went to a studio where he was kicked out for creating his type of music and finally settled down in his uncle’s basement. 

Yuno Miles embarked on his rap journey in 2019, during the trend of meme music on the internet. December of that year saw the debut of his first track, “Pokemon,” characterized by his distinctive use of non-profit beats, such as a Futurama sample. In the early years, Yuno Miles often crafted songs inspired by what he found entertaining, featuring references to shows like Spongebob, Adventure Time, and Family Guy. Despite these roots, his current inspiration has shifted towards Japanese animated series, particularly One Piece and Bleach, marking a significant evolution in his artistic influences.

Spotify is one of the streaming services which people listen to the most, all numbers from the top five songs are from Spotify. Just on Spotify alone, Yuno Miles has over 622.2k monthly listeners. With help of the SongTell, we were able to analyze Yuno Miles music.

 Below are his Top 5 songs: 

1) 4 Wheeler

The song “4 Wheeler ” has been Yuno Miles’ most popular song for months now, reaching over 4,000,000 listens on Spotify. The lyrics describe a chaotic and aggressive mindset of artists expressing anger out on family members. Many random thoughts and actions are thrown around throughout the song,as if he is trying to disregard society’s norms. The song was popular for some time on TikTok, maybe you’ve heard it?

2) Indiana Jones”

Yuno has the recurring topic of using popular characters that already exist in his music, Indiana Jones being one example. This song is said to be “one of his better songs” by a few people. He uses this song to brag about his success despite those who did not believe in him by comparing himself with Indiana Jones and Souljia Boy. To continue his bragging, in the line “…thinks he’s Indiana, he’s not Indiana Jones,” he means that others may claim to be successful, however only Yuno Miles is the true Indiana. Although he uses this song to brag, his last line: “If you don’t give up on rappin’, I swear one day, it’s gonna work, man,” implies Yuno is giving advice to upcoming rappers. 

3) Martin Luther”

This song is said to have the worst vocals, however the meaning portrays admiration for Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK). There is gratitude towards him for being a Civil Rights leader and contributing to Black rights — acknowledging that without his efforts many would not have pursued music. Not only does Yuno focus on MLK, but he mentions Malcom X and Rosa Parks for their impact on the Civil Rights Movement.

4) First Day Of Christmas”

‘Tis the season for Christmas music! Yuno Miles plays heavily with humorous lyrics and this festive song depicts that. The song sets a playful tone with no message behind the lyrics and starting off with announcing Yuno as the newest avenger. The masterpiece is inspired by “Twelve Days of Christmas” by Frederic Austin. Yuno Miles uses similar lyrics, but makes changes to his  own amusing lyrics: such as biting a tree. 

5) Put The Money In The Bag”

By using the sound of a plastic bag he received at a store, he used the sound as a sample. The song has the clear message of success and wealth. With the repeated lyric of  “put the money in the bag”, it highlights slowly gathering wealth through the growth of his musical career — it’s suggested with the line “came from the bottom, now I’m at the top.” It’s not a Yuno Miles song without sporadic noises and sampled audios, and the robot noises close this song together making it unique. 

Tony and Mia listening to “4 Wheeler” by Yuno Miles (Isleina Ramos Mena)

*All these song reviews are interpretations, and may not be exactly what Yuno Miles intended to portray in his songs. A few people give his music a 10/10, and some give him a 0/10 — it’s all up to your own personal taste in music. If you do decide to check his music out, keep in mind that Yuno Miles himself has said, “Wrap it up buddy, you’re garbage,” after listening to his own music. 


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