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A mix of a few Yuno Miles songs

You Know Miles?

Sara Guillen and Isleina Ramos Mena December 21, 2023

You Know Miles The Rapper? Yuno Miles, the internet sensation who has left a mark on both meme culture and rap music, soared to popularity with hits like “Indiana Jones” and “Martin Luther,”...

When is it too early for the holidays?

Fa La La Already?

Sara Guillen, Engineer November 15, 2023

Halloween is over! That means it's time for Christmas, right? Christmas is one of the most popular holidays here in the U.S. When asking someone what their favorite holiday is, there is a high chance...

My Chemical Romance

The 5th My Chemical Romance Album

Sonya Matthews and MJ King September 12, 2023

My Chemical Romance (MCR) is an American rock band consisting of Gerard Way on vocals, Mikey Way on bass, Frank Iero on rhythm guitar, Ray Toro on lead guitar and drummers on and off but as of 2023,...

Evolution Of Grunge

Evolution Of Grunge

Thailer Bounthisane, Engineer May 15, 2023

Today we will be discussing the evolution of grunge. Also we will be diving deep on its influences and how it got pulled into the mainstream through out the 90s. Throughout the 80s bands like skid...

The album art for the new single, Outlook.

Outlook – A Front Bottoms Review

Matthew Peluso, Engineer May 15, 2023

The Front Bottoms are a musical duo combining the vocals and guitar of Brian Sella with the drumming of Mathew Uychich. Being active since the late 2000s, The Front Bottoms have released 7 full length...

Wishing You Godspeed, Glory

Wishing You Godspeed, Glory

Rileigh Tissue, Engineer May 9, 2023

      Frank Ocean, American singer, song writer, rapper, photographer, and fashion designer, has not performed live, or put out a new album in 8 years. Ocean has only released two albums, and a handful...

Mr. Fowle in his natural habitat conducting the pit (band) during the musical. Image by: Mike Miller

The Man, The Myth, The Matt Fowle

Jasmine Ling and Matthew Peluso April 27, 2023

Matthew “Radical” Fowle is the head of the music department at Brunswick High School. Graduating from Shepherd University in 2013, and working on his masters in 2023, Mr. Fowle has been working at...

Set Up At Show - Credits:

The Frederick Rock School And It’s Influence on Brunswick

Mars Haga and Belle Pique April 5, 2023

The Let There Be Rock School is a program that was founded in Maryland, but is in multiple states across the USA. There are six locations currently, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia,...

In order from left to right. Clay Gober, Tim Henson, Scott LePage, Clay Aeschliman Press Release by Polyphia

Tim Henson Of Polyphia

MJ King and Luke Lusk March 31, 2023

Polyphia is an innovative and genre-breaking band, consisting of members Tim Henson (lead guitar), Scott LePage (rhythm guitar), Clay Gober (bass), and Clay Aeschliman (drums). They are well known for...

Lil Uzi Goat

The Ups and Downs of Rolling Loud California

Michael Andrews, Engineer March 14, 2023

Rolling Loud is one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the world. It's very loved and very known in the music industry—world renown artists from everywhere perform for their fans (and the money)—only...

Promo image released alongside the new single.

Emo—Back And Better: The Return Of Fall Out Boy

Matthew Peluso, Engineer February 8, 2023

When talking about 2000s/2010s rock, one name is central to the scene: Fall Out Boy. From their hit breakout pop punk sound to their post-hiatus pop-rock, Fall Out Boy’s managed to captivate listeners...

Picture by Sam Lock drawing by Stephen Blickenstaff and posted on The Record Exchange store instagram, @recordexchange__frederick_md

The Story And Reopening Of The Record Exchange Store

Brianna Jordan, Engineer February 2, 2023

As reported by the The Frederick News Post as well as three-alarm fire damages downtown Frederick building here is the story and the new future of The Record Exchange store. Sam Lock, a music lover...

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