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Shafdon Farms Corn

What The Crop?

Mia McGuffin and Atley Shafer October 24, 2023

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch—the sound of dead grass beneath your feet or when you look out your window, at your normally luscious green lawn, and see patches of brown. This is because of this year's drought....

Baylin Hoffman

Ghost Hunting With Baylin Hoffman & Michael Simpson

Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson April 26, 2023

Uncover the mysterious paranormal past hidden within Brunswick with Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson. They'll delve into the eerie history of iconic Brunswick structures and unearth a previously unknown...

Brunswicks Boxcar Burger location.

The Foods of Brunswick

Matthew Peluso, Engineer March 23, 2023

Brunswick, Maryland, is a town oftentimes known for its spirited history and more rural elements, but the most underrated aspect of the community is the restaurants. Brunswick selects a wide range of eateries...

The owner Rebekah decorating baby shower cookies while interviewing.

Hive Cake Shop

Jay Follin, Engineer March 9, 2023

Hive Cake Shop is a small business in downtown Brunswick. The owner Rebekah Ontiveros and her sister Sally started the company recently, just before the COVID shutdown. Their parents wanted them...

Brunswick, Maryland, Station
Photo from: Google Creative Commons via Wikimeadia

What Makes Brunswick So Historic?

M.J. King and Luke Lusk March 1, 2023

What makes Brunswick so historic? What history could such a small town hold? Here’s what our research has shown us— Brunswick was formerly known as Berlin and many other names. It was originally...

Allison Wilder (Left) with her daughter Lucy Virgilio (Right)

Ampersand Open In Downtown Brunswick

Isaac Hatch, Engineer February 21, 2023

The city of Brunswick is abuzz with excitement as a new boutique store, Ampersand, makes its grand debut. Curated with an eye for quality and an appreciation for vintage goods, the store offers a wide...

Welcome Freshmen!

Welcome Freshmen!

Jay Follin, Engineer February 7, 2023

Welcome to Brunswick High School! It's a bigger school than the middle school—and grades do matter. Here are some things that will help you get good grades: Do your work Participate in class ...

Cats, Politics, And More Government Accountability

Cats, Politics, And More Government Accountability

Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson February 2, 2023

Brunswick, Maryland—home to a unique political activist—a stray orange cat known as Hobo Harry, who, according to his Facebook account, is running for City Council. Despite his feline identity, Harry...

Photo by Chloe Gregory, graphics courtesy of

My Last Stop

Chloë Gregory, Engineer May 17, 2022

High School has been simultaneously the shortest and longest experience of my life. It changed so much about who I am and how I see the world, and yet, it was only four years of my life. This school...

Stock photo from Is Practicing Inclusion And Valuing Diversity A Common Blind Spot? by  Joseph Folkman

BHS Presents Diversity Night

Carla Kemtchouang, Engineer March 11, 2022

The continent of Africa is said to be the starting place of humanity, as it is believed that the first humans to walk the Earth lived there approximately two million years ago. Evolution has allowed them...

B&O Railroad Shops in Brunswick, MD

Canal VS Railway

Chloë Gregory, Engineer March 9, 2022

One might think of trains and canals as primitive technology—lost to the centuries past. However, not so long ago, they were the height of technological advancement, and nothing was faster than a train....

Photo of Patsy Cline, sourced from “Hometown Girl”,
A Frederick Magazine article written by James Rada Jr.

Remembering A Local Celebrity, And A Bit Of History

Chloë Gregory, Engineer February 1, 2022

Did you know?   Patsy Cline (1932-1963), a famed American singer, performed in Brunswick weekly at the Moose Lodge! Patsy performed regularly in Brunswick, later taking to the stage with...

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