Advice from current seniors can be very helpful to guide freshmen. Photo by: Ava Stiglicz.
Advice from current seniors can be very helpful to guide freshmen. Photo by: Ava Stiglicz.

Advice For Freshmen—From Seniors

Advice From The Class Of 2024 To The Class Of 2027

My name is Ava Stiglicz. I am a senior and I have been involved in clubs at BHS since my freshman year. I am currently vice president of the Journalism Club, Random Acts of Kindness Club and National English Honor Society social media coordinator, senior class secretary, and a member of many more clubs.

What clubs does BHS offer, how do you join?

BHS offers a wide variety of clubs to meet any student’s interests or passions. There is a list of clubs at BHS on the Brunswick High School Website that is mostly accurate if you’re interested in browsing some of the clubs. There is also an article all about the clubs our school offers. You can join by messaging the club advisors on Sschoology or going to their classrooms and expressing your interest in person. Typically, there is a club fair for freshmen and new students in the first semester.

How has being in clubs impacted your high school experience?

Being involved in so many clubs has been one of the best experiences I have had in high school. It has opened up so many opportunities for me and allowed me to make many friends/bond with many staff members (which can be very helpful down the line). I would advise any highschooler to join as many clubs as possible. I have gained so many service opportunities and service hours from being involved in clubs. I have had the privilege to plan many school events including pep rallies, spirit weeks, homecoming themes, and many more. 

Members of Brunswick’s Random Acts of Kindness Club serving breakfast at the Jefferson Ruritan. Photo Courtesy of Ava Stiglicz.

Best memory with a BHS club?

One of my fondest memories with a BHS club is a service opportunity I got from Random Acts of Kindness Club. A few of my friends and I were able to go to the Jefferson Ruritan and serve breakfast to the Ruritan members. This was such a great experience as it allowed me to expand my people skills, make connections with the members of the Ruritan, and receive service hours while doing so.


Best advice for a freshman wanting to be involved with clubs?

It can get to be a lot, balancing clubs, sports, and academics. I would advise any freshman to remember clubs are an extra so prioritize your academic schedule first. Grades and sports should always come first. Beside that, I do think one of the best things I did in these clubs was get involved with their leadership, whether it be running for a spot as an officer or just being one of the leaders. I believed all students should be in at least two clubs, one for your interests and one for service. Not only is being involved fun, it looks great on your resume!

Advice for student athletes from Charlie Lawrence:

“My name is Charlie Lawrence. I am a senior at Brunswick High and have played three sports all four years. I have played varsity football and lacrosse for four years, JV basketball for two, and varsity basketball for two…”

What’s your best advice to any freshman who want to be successful in Brunswick athletics:

“Never be afraid to step up. Brunswick is a small school with small sports programs, which means not all teams have a lot of veterans and leaders. Never be afraid to step up and be a leader on your team just because you’re not a senior, or even as a freshman. All teams need a leader and if your team is lacking a leader don’t be afraid to step up.” 

Charlie Lawrence (44), hyping the student section up during an intense game. Photo credits: Andre Phillips.

How do you balance school and practice while maintaining good grades?

“Practicing every day all year makes it hard to find time for homework. The easiest way to fit everything in is to get as much work done at school as possible. Work in connections, lunch, free periods, or before practice. This limits the amount of homework you have and gives you a lot of time to rest up before the next day.”

What advice have you received that has helped you most throughout high school?

“Get good sleep. As an athlete in high school your body needs time to grow and recover. Don’t be awake playing video games until 3am like some of your friends will be, because your body can’t handle that as an athlete. Get home from practice, take care of your body, and go to sleep early.”

What is your favorite memory as a high school athlete?

“My favorite memory as a high school athlete was beating Liberty High School at their homecoming game, and partying the whole bus ride home.”

Advice for freshman taking upper level classes from Keira McDonald:

“My name is Keira McDonald, and I’m a senior at Brunswick this year. I took my first AP class in my freshman year, with AP US History. After my freshman year, I decided to start integrating dual enrollment classes with FCC into my schedule, which I highly recommend, as it grants more flexibility in your schedule (and lets you sleep in!). Since then, my schedule has been structured with two FCC classes and two AP classes, so that I’m at the school for half the day and have flexibility with the rest of my time.”

What advice would you give to a freshman to help maintain good grades in these hard classes?

“I would say don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help. I think the prime reason I was able to keep even semi-decent grades in my math classes was because I came into my teachers’ connections and asked for clarification on homework and classwork. It may feel embarrassing, especially when your other classmates might not need the same help that you do, but it really pays off in the long run.”

What single tip has helped you succeed in school the most? 

“I think cultivating a good relationship with your teachers and professors is greatly important to succeeding in school. When you have a good relationship with your teachers, they’re much more apt to offer you extra help when you need it, and are even more understanding if you need an extension on an assignment. Further down the line, it’s also very important for recommendation letters for college. More important than that, though, is the friendships you can make with teachers. I believe friendships with teachers are a surprisingly underrated part of high school and make your high school experience much more fun and engaging.”

What’s your favorite AP or FCC class you’ve taken and why?

 “My favorite AP class I’ve taken would have to be AP Calculus. Although the content in the class is very difficult, Ms. Gray’s teaching makes the subject much more bearable! I’ve never been particularly strong with math, but the way that her class is structured pushed me to really understand the material and have fun doing it.”

Brunswick’s acedemic team celebraing after winning a competition. Photo courtesy of Jacob Winter.

What impact did being on the academic team have on you, best memory?

“Being on the academic team had a great impact on me, as I gained lots of new friendships and had a lot of fun doing it! I think joining can sound daunting to a lot of people, because you think you have to be super smart to be a part of it, but I think a lot of people would be surprised by how many questions are asked about music and pop culture (not just nerdy math questions). My best memory from the academic team would be the competitions. The camaraderie and excitement during matches creates such a positive energy that’s super fun to be a part of!”


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