September holiday calendar. Photo credits to Ava Stiglicz
September holiday calendar. Photo credits to Ava Stiglicz

National Holidays No One Celebrates

September’s “Useless” Holidays

Did you know that there is a national holiday just for corn dogs? 

Many months have weird “forgotten about” holidays. Photo by: Samantha Junker.


There are plenty of useless holidays. Everything from National Panda Day to Staff Appreciation Day. There are days for so many things you would never guess there was a day for. These holidays are fun and weird and are perfect for a good laugh every once in a while.

Although these holidays can be super weird and random, they do have meaning. There are categories for these holidays which include fun, arts and entertainment, special interests, animals, food and beverages, relationships, appreciation, awareness, cultural, causes, health, and federal.

Some are funny and entertaining, while some others are serious. This way, there is a national day that applies to almost everyone. These days can be a helpful reminder for doing basic things like having manners or taking a break. 


Now for some fun holidays of the month of September!


September 3rd – Chicken Boy Day

In the first seven days of September there is a national day for “Chicken Boy”. Chicken Boy Day is a fun holiday with a fun background. Chicken Boy is actually a statue of a boy with a chicken head holding a bucket of chicken, located in Los Angeles.


September 5th – “National Actdumb. (sic) Day”

How is there a national holiday for acting dumb? National Actdumb. Day is a holiday to support people who have a tough time performing tasks someone else would never find hard. By the way, National Actdumb. Day is actually spelt like National Actdumb. Day! This holiday spreads positivity and awareness to people who don’t have it as easy as others. This holiday falls into the category of special interest.


September 9th – National Teddy Bear Day

In the 2nd week of September, there is a super cute, special interest holiday for you and your teddy bear! National Teddy Bear day is the perfect day to say hello to your teddy bear and remember all of your memories with it. 


September 13th – National Programmers Day

Also in the 2nd week of September, we have National Programmers Day! A holiday to appreciate the programmers in our world. Programmers are like the building blocks of the modern world. You may not know it, but nearly everyone benefits from programmers! So take a minute to thank a programmer for simply being a programmer!


September 16th – Stay Away From Seattle Day

Weirdly enough, in the 3rd week of September, there is a fun holiday called “Stay Away From Seattle Day”. But why would you want to stay away from Seattle? Well, actually Seattle wants you to stay away from them. Seattle is home to many businesses and is considered one of America’s best cities. Seattle is a very busy city and they need a break too. 


September 25th – World Dream Day

World Dream Day is a day in the 4th week of September. World Dream Day is a special interest holiday. World dream day is for you to recognize the dreams you have and to reach for the stars. With hard work and determination you can turn any dream to reality.


September 26th – Love Note Day

Love Note Day is a holiday all about relationships. Love Note Day is a day to prove it doesn’t have to be valentines day to express your cheesy love for your partner. This day is cute and makes your lover feel like the most important person in the world. So on September 26th, get out a pen and paper and write all your lovely feelings down and express your love!


September 30th – Pet Tricks Day

Pet Tricks Day is an animal holiday created to spend more time with your pet. Though most people assume Pet Tricks Day would be about dogs, all sorts of animals can learn tricks! For example, cats, bunnies, and hamsters can all learn fun tricks too!


The idea of funny and serious holidays is a way to make anyone appreciate life a little bit more. They highlight our lives in a way we didn’t know we could. There are days each month for everyone to enjoy. So you tell me, what’s your favorite holiday?

What's your favorite September holiday?


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