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Ava Stiglicz

The Great Frederick Fair Food Review

People Went To The Great Frederick Fair For The Activities… I Went For The Food.
The Great Frederick Fair Food Review
Sievers Stand Fries - Rating ~ {2/5} ($8)

In my opinion, the fries were just — okay.  I will acknowledge that I didn't put any sort of sauce or topping on the fries when I first got them. But even after I put salt on them, they still weren't anything special.  Another complaint I had was that the “small” size was $8, and it wasn't many fries. They weren't even good enough for me to take a picture of them!  There were bigger sizes available, but they were more expensive.  For how expensive the fries were, plus them being mediocre, they were definitely not worth the price, and my lowest ranking on this list.  

Cherry Limeaid which looks like a cherry with the green straw
Cherry Limeaid which looks like a cherry with the green straw (Summer Nagy )
Lemonade Stand’s Cherry Limeade in Front of Building 8 - Rating ~ {2.75/5} ($3)

This lemonade was nothing special, to be completely honest.  You could taste the limeade and the cherry flavor, but it also somehow tasted like nothing.  It was very sweet, especially for something like limeade.  I'm very happy I got it in the small size, because I don't think I could have finished the lemonade if it was any bigger.  It wasn’t necessarily “bad," but there were much better options for lemonade at the fair.  I personally would not recommended this limeade.  

Summer Nagy enjoying the Peach Dumping pie
Summer Nagy “enjoying” the Peach Dumping pie (Summer Nagy)
Peach Dumpling Pie in the “Desserts” Tent by Building 8 - Rating ~ {3/5} ($6)

Now, I really liked the idea of a “peach dumpling pie” in my head, and I'll give this tent that credit.  The pie sounded absolutely delicious and I wanted to try it. However, I forgot that I am not a fan of peach pie so my review is slightly biased.  In the pictures, you can see that it came with ice cream on top. I didnt like the hot pie and ice cream mix — it felt really weird on my teeth.  The ice cream also melted (shocker), and it left a puddle of dairy all over the pie, which made the pie soggy.  Taking in other more outstanding reviews from my family, I decided to boost the pie in points a tad.  Even though my review sounds mostly negative, I can say that this pie is definitely worth the price, especially if you like peach pie and ice cream together!

Whoopie Pies Tent by Building 9 - Rating ~ {3.5/5} ($2.75)

I am very picky with my whoopie pies. They can’t be too sweet, too bland, too dry, or too soggy. I can say that I liked these whoopie pies.  There were multiple flavors, and I got the chocolate with vanilla icing.  The outside wasn't super dry or soggy, the icing wasn’t too sweet or too bland. It was quite lovely.  It only has a 3.5 rating because, unfortunately, I've had better.  Even after saying that, I would still recommend the whoopie pies.  They were worth the price, (they had a deal where if you buy 6, you get 1 free), and they were good whoopie pies.  

Red Velvet Cake at the “Desserts” Tent  - Rating ~ {4/5} ($4)

To start, let's just say I am a connoisseur of red velvet cakes.  I thought this cake was good, it wasn't dry, there wasn't too much icing, no flavor overpowered the other. This cake still managed to have a strong flavor as well as a good icing to cake ratio.  I even took it home; wanting to save it for later for a midnight snack.  My only problem was that I've eaten better red velvet cake.  However, for $4, it was quite exceptional, and I would recommend it if you want cake at the fair.  

Cup design of the Sievers Stand peach lemonade
Cup design of the Sievers Stand peach lemonade (Summer Nagy )
Sievers Stand Peach Lemonade - Rating ~ {4/5} ($15)

I actually liked this lemonade exceedingly. For a flavored lemonade, I found it to be quite notable. It was not too sweet, or too sour. The flavors of the peach and the lemonade mixed very well. It was easily enjoyable, and probably my favorite drink I had at the fair. However, this drink was also the most expensive one I bought at $15. There was only one size as well, so this was the only price offered. It almost burned a hole in my pocket. Even though it was expensive, it was still my favorite. I would highly suggest this drink, but maybe not if you're on a budget at the fair.

Sievers Stand Regular Lemonade - Rating ~ {4.2} ($10)

This was a solid lemonade in my opinion.  It was a wonderful mix of sweet and sour.  The flavors took a while to mix, however as the ice melted, it felt as if it brought the flavors together even more.  It was significantly less expensive than the peach lemonade at that same stand, but it was still relatively expensive.  It wasn't out of range for fair food, but it was still $10.  I think that this lemonade was worth the price, and I would recommend this drink to anyone.  

Summer Nagy eating Pig Holes memphis styled pulled pork.
Summer Nagy eating Pig Hole’s memphis styled pulled pork. (Summer Nagy )
Pig Hole’s Memphis Styled Pulled Pork - Rating ~ {4.5/5} ($10)

Personally, this was my favorite “real food” that I had the pleasure to eat.  The sauce was similar to a barbecuesauce, but not quite like barbecue.  It was a perfect combination of sweet and salty, and really agreeable.  Some pieces didn’t have as much or no sauce, but I didn't really mind that as much as I thought.  I’m not a big barbeque fan, but this pulled pork sandwich made me want to have more.  Overall, I would say that this was definitely worth the price, and is one of the most highly recommended items on theis list.   

Schumans Concessions Pretzel braid
Schumans Concessions Pretzel braid (Summer Nagy )
Pretzel Braid from Schumans Concessions - Rating ~ {5/5} ($6)

It is very easy to say that this pretzel braid from Shuman's concessions was the best pretzel I've ever had.  Ever. The picture does not do it justice.  It looked delicious, it was delicious, I'm so happy I got to eat such a good pretzel.  I think about this pretzel. I dream about this pretzel. The pretzel itself was light and doughy, it wasn't overcooked or brown, the perfect golden brown you look for in a pretzel, it wasn't greasy or weird, and it was perfect to share and break apart.  There was a lot of salt, which I appreciated very much, and it was easy to take off if you don’t like salt that much.  I honestly have no complaints about this pretzel, which is surprising because I have so far complained about everything.  This pretzel is worth your $6, it is worth every single penny. It is not worth sharing with your friends or family.  

Summer Nagy admiring fried oreos
Summer Nagy admiring fried oreos (Summer Nagy)
Fried Oreos from the Stand Behind Building 9 - Rating ~{5/5} ($12)

This is hands down the best thing I ate at the fair.  It was extraordinary.  It was magnificent.  It was amazing.  It gave everything.  I almost cried because of how heavenly these fried oreos are.  This was the first fried oreo I've ever had, and I was not disappointed at all.  It was not crunchy, and the cookie softened while it was fried.  It kind of reminded me of donut holes in a way, but this was so much better than a donut hole.  It was sweet, but doesnt make your mouth dry, even considering the powdered sugar.  Speaking of powdered sugar, there was so much, but it wasn't even overcoated.  You could always dip for more, which made it even better.  I was expecting it to be oily, because it was deep fried, but it wasn't even.  I think I could write a 5 page essay on how much I thoroughly enjoyed these fried oreos, but I'll spare you.  Seeing my reaction, which looks strange, but you can tell that this was the best thing I've put in my mouth all day.  Please, for the love of god, the next time you go to the fair, please get a fried oreo.  Get these fried oreos. 

Overall,  I believe there were many good food options at the fair, and many that I thoroughly recommend.  I would personally recommend the fried oreos, the pretzel braid, the peach lemonade, and the memphis styled pulled pork sandwich.

What do you think (or know) tastes the best?


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