Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

Each thread is used in a certain section of the textile.

Each Thread Counts

Mia McGuffin, Engineer October 11, 2022

15th CENTURY The start of lace was first brought to the world through fashion. It all started in smaller parts of Europe but quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe. Genoa and Venice were the first...

Walking into Harpers Ferry
photo by Mackenzie Thompson

A Trip to Harpers Ferry

Mackenzie Thompson, Engineer May 31, 2022

Harpers Ferry is located in West Virginia. There are many things here such as: nature, sightseeing, trails, shopping, and historical buildings and history. You can also find that there is some delicious...

A picture of the player character and the Island this game takes place.

Speaking the Praises of Dead Cells

Lucius Boget, Engineer May 13, 2022

Dead Cells is a game that was released in 2017, and it is really hard. Released by Motion Twin, it is a roguelike game that has Metroidvania elements as well as soulslike elements as well. This amalgamation...

This graphic represents death since it is a common theme for the metal music genre.

Metal Vocal Techniques & Genres

Josh Wiles, Engineer May 11, 2022

Metal Music and Vocals: A good portion of humanity knows or at least has heard of metal music. Most people, especially an older group of people, just think it's a bunch of noise and screaming but not...

Image Courtesy of

Halloween In April

Chloë Gregory, Engineer May 6, 2022

“Paranormal Circus,” that title has a lot packed into it. Recently, the Paranormal Circus spent some time in Frederick Maryland, and I had the opportunity to experience it. Advertised on social media,...

Artist is John Romita Jr.
From The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

The Origin of the Comic Book Hero

Brandon Montenegro Cruz, Engineer April 29, 2022

When the word “Superhero” is uttered one of the first things people think about would be the more modern Heroes in Marvel’s lineup along with some DC classics such as Batman and Superman, but what...

Music Through The Decades

Music Through The Decades

Nadia Remaley, Engineer April 28, 2022

Music connects us, it can be a representation of culture, mood, emotions, a time in your life, or a peek into history. Learn more about how music has changed overtime as we take you on a journey of music...

Courtesy of Google Images

Movie Magic

Mia McGuffin, Engineer April 5, 2022

Most movies start out in the big city like Hollywood—or the big city like New York. And they might even stay there for the filming process. But some movies are filmed in other states because directors...

Photo of a Mardi Gras mask with feathers and beads all in purple, green and gold by Ninette Maumus / Alamy

The Stories Of Mardi Gras

Zelly Maier, Engineer March 31, 2022

Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” in French, might seem like just a random holiday to fill the lull between Valentines and Easter in the beginning of the year. However, there’s more to this holiday than...

Picture from a Broadway performance of Cinderella: The Musical, including dancers at the ball and an ominous clock looming above them.

Let’s Have A Ball At Cinderella: The Musical

Zelly Maier, Engineer March 30, 2022

On April 7th, 8th, and 9th, the BHS stage will be graced with a whimsical production of Cinderella! And not just any Cinderella story—the 1957 musical version created by the legendary musical theater...

Shadow of Intent Album Cover, Image from Google Images

Shadow Of Intent Changes Society’s View Of The Metal Genre

Josh Wiles, Engineer March 23, 2022

*Shadow of intent discusses things like death, suicide, war, and the afterlife.  The lyrics can be quite dark and triggering. This warning is to heavily advise before listening and reading. Shadow...

The Knight, a character created by Team Cherry

Hollow Knight Review

Lucius Boget, Engineer March 23, 2022

Hollow Knight—is a popular game released in 2017, a game with quality on par with the likes of Cuphead or Dead Cells and, coincidentally, released the same year. It was released by an Indie developer...

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