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Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

Check It Off

Check It Off

Mia McGuffin, Engineer May 31, 2023

Looking for some fun this summer? Check out this summer bucket list for some unique places throughout MD. Succulents by Jess—is a variety of lessons for creating succulent arrangements with friends...

Closing The Curtain Of The 2023 FCPS Musical Season

Closing The Curtain Of The 2023 FCPS Musical Season

As a member of the Brunswick High School Drama Department (BHStage) and avid theater lover, I made it a point to see every musical that the high schools of Frederick County Public Schools had to offer....

Evolution Of Grunge

Evolution Of Grunge

Thailer Bounthisane, Engineer May 15, 2023

Today we will be discussing the evolution of grunge. Also we will be diving deep on its influences and how it got pulled into the mainstream through out the 90s. Throughout the 80s bands like skid...

First Baptist Church looking at downtown Brunswick.


Jay Follin, Engineer May 15, 2023

Photojournalism—a way to tell a story through just photos. Photojournalists' office is the world outside of where they work. Unlike journalists who may write and report on a story, photojournalists are...

Wishing You Godspeed, Glory

Wishing You Godspeed, Glory

Rileigh Tissue, Engineer May 9, 2023

      Frank Ocean, American singer, song writer, rapper, photographer, and fashion designer, has not performed live, or put out a new album in 8 years. Ocean has only released two albums, and a handful...

Superhero mural, DC Comics, NYC, NY.JPG | Cory Doctorow | Flickr

The Overthrow Of Zack Snyder

Brianna Jordan , Engineer May 4, 2023

In late 2022 James Gunn, while still working on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3,  took the role of co-chair of the Detective Comics studios or more widely known DC Studios. Gunn was given the general...

Baylin Hoffman

Ghost Hunting With Baylin Hoffman & Michael Simpson

Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson April 26, 2023

Uncover the mysterious paranormal past hidden within Brunswick with Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson. They'll delve into the eerie history of iconic Brunswick structures and unearth a previously unknown...

Set Up At Show - Credits:

The Frederick Rock School And It’s Influence on Brunswick

Mars Haga and Belle Pique April 5, 2023

The Let There Be Rock School is a program that was founded in Maryland, but is in multiple states across the USA. There are six locations currently, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia,...

In order from left to right. Clay Gober, Tim Henson, Scott LePage, Clay Aeschliman Press Release by Polyphia

Tim Henson Of Polyphia

MJ King and Luke Lusk March 31, 2023

Polyphia is an innovative and genre-breaking band, consisting of members Tim Henson (lead guitar), Scott LePage (rhythm guitar), Clay Gober (bass), and Clay Aeschliman (drums). They are well known for...

Film promo poster for Cocaine Bear (2023).

“Mistakes Were Made”—A Cocaine Bear Review

Sammy Joseph, Engineer March 24, 2023

*Media Spoilers: *This article contains spoilers about Cocaine Bear. Please be aware before reading. In the world of an evermore homogeneous Hollywood, people may be looking for something new, something...

Movies this year! Created with Canva.

Movies Made In 2023!

Abby Sharp, Engineer March 24, 2023

Movies that are being released in 2023 are all different types of genres from family to horror. Enjoy! 1.  The Super Mario Bros. Movie In this movie, Mario (with help from Princess Peach) gets...

Taylor Swift on her Speak Now tour. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

The Most Iconic Taylor Swift Songs According To Brunswick High School Students

Sydney Packin, Engineer March 20, 2023

Taylor Swift has many iconic songs, dating all the way back to her very first album which was released in 2006. She has made a massive impact on almost our entire generation, including students at Brunswick,...

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