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Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

First Baptist Church looking at downtown Brunswick.


Jay Follin, Engineer May 15, 2023

Photojournalism—a way to tell a story through just photos. Photojournalists' office is the world outside of where they work. Unlike journalists who may write and report on a story, photojournalists are...

person holding magnifying glass on Wallpaper Flare is licensed under the CC BY 2.0.

An Eye on Brunswick High

John Doe, Engineer May 4, 2023

     Over the past four years, Brunswick High has been progressively making itself known not just in Frederick County, but state-wide, for its extracurricular and academic achievements. In 2021, Brunswick...

Mr. Fowle in his natural habitat conducting the pit (band) during the musical. Image by: Mike Miller

The Man, The Myth, The Matt Fowle

Jasmine Ling and Matthew Peluso April 27, 2023

Matthew “Radical” Fowle is the head of the music department at Brunswick High School. Graduating from Shepherd University in 2013, and working on his masters in 2023, Mr. Fowle has been working at...

Baylin Hoffman

Ghost Hunting With Baylin Hoffman & Michael Simpson

Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson April 26, 2023

Uncover the mysterious paranormal past hidden within Brunswick with Baylin Hoffman and Michael Simpson. They'll delve into the eerie history of iconic Brunswick structures and unearth a previously unknown...

BHS Staff Past Proms

BHS Staff Past Proms

Rileigh Tissue, Engineer April 21, 2023

Prom is almost here! Get your tickets for Night In Vegas '23 BHS Prom in the cafeteria all week of April 24th. Tickets will be on sale all week! BHS will hold prom on April 28th, at 7:00 PM at the Brunswick...

Created with Canva by Mia McGuffin

Losing Our Roots!

Mia McGuffin, Engineer April 20, 2023

Throughout the years we have seen a change in the way we view information. Some might look towards a book or a magazine for information but as we have seen from our own eyes there has been a shift...

Mr. John Sheehan is an instructional aide at BHS.

The Spectacular Sheehan

Jay Follin, Engineer April 6, 2023

Mr. John Sheehan has been working at BHS for five years. He has been working in education for six years. He went to college at Prince George Community College, then went to Washington Adventists University...

Brunswicks Boxcar Burger location.

The Foods of Brunswick

Matthew Peluso, Engineer March 23, 2023

Brunswick, Maryland, is a town oftentimes known for its spirited history and more rural elements, but the most underrated aspect of the community is the restaurants. Brunswick selects a wide range of eateries...

Colorful ceramics pottery from MollySVH that is colorful like our student work.

Who Is Mrs. Mangold?

Abby Sharp, Engineer March 20, 2023

Every student at Brunswick High is required to have atleast one art credit to graduate. If you're not interested in theatre, orchestra, band, or photography, I suggest taking either Ceramics 1 or Drawing...

Mr. Shupp at his desk where all the grading happens!

The Stupendous Shupp

Jay Follin, Engineer March 15, 2023

Mr. Jason Shupp is located in room 215.  He teaches film study, an English elective, and English.  Mr. Shupp has been teaching for 18 years. He decided to teach because he was a good student...

The owner Rebekah decorating baby shower cookies while interviewing.

Hive Cake Shop

Jay Follin, Engineer March 9, 2023

Hive Cake Shop is a small business in downtown Brunswick. The owner Rebekah Ontiveros and her sister Sally started the company recently, just before the COVID shutdown. Their parents wanted them...

Brunswick, Maryland, Station
Photo from: Google Creative Commons via Wikimeadia

What Makes Brunswick So Historic?

M.J. King and Luke Lusk March 1, 2023

What makes Brunswick so historic? What history could such a small town hold? Here’s what our research has shown us— Brunswick was formerly known as Berlin and many other names. It was originally...

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