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Pickerel Frog

The Poisonous Pickerel

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer May 23, 2022

Maryland, as a state, is often unremarkable. When asked to choose the better of two states from a list of all 50 (plus Washington D.C.), Maryland had only a 49% win rate and was 26th out of all the states....

A Golden Orb Weaver waiting for prey

Spiders On The Rise

Brandon Montenegro Cruz, Engineer May 6, 2022

Spiders are always criminalized for their “bug” look, along with how dangerous they can be but I can safely assure you dear reader (unless you are from Australia) spiders aren’t as dangerous nor...

Netflix logo (2022)

The Netflix Scare

Lucius Boget, Engineer May 3, 2022

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services on the planet and one of the first. A good way to show this is asking someone what the first streaming service is (and a decent chunk will say Netflix)....

Picture of the outside of Brunswick High School building, with trees and a garnet model train car from The Frederick News Post

Keeping The Lights On At Brunswick

Zelly Maier, Engineer April 29, 2022

Attending school at one of the oldest buildings in Frederick County, students at Brunswick over the years have become familiar with 1960s architecture. The design of the school’s main building only allows...

A Grolar - Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear Mix. Photo Courtesy of Google Images.

Hybridization And How It Affects Humanization

Josh Wiles, Engineer April 28, 2022

A good portion of humanity knows what a hybrid is, an animal created by mating two different species together forming a new animal that has a mix of traits and characteristics from both parent species....

History of the Easter Bunny from Google Images

History Behind Easter

Jaden German, Engineer April 28, 2022

The story of Easter comes from the new testament which tells how Jesus was arrested by the roman authorities because he claimed to be the son of god and was later crucified. His resurrection three days...

Image courtesy of eSchool  News

Teacher Shortage Harms the United States School Systems

Ava Stiglicz, Engineer April 14, 2022

COVID has had countless impacts on the school systems. One of the biggest impacts that has recently become more apparent is the teacher shortage. While there has been a decline in teachers since before...

Image Courtesy:

Battery-Free MakeCode Revolutionizes Learning to Program

Michael Kittredge, Engineer April 14, 2022

Computer science has long been considered the “job of the future,” but what about the computer science of the future? Programming can be used to make anything from video games to rocket launches possible,...

Russia & Ukraine

Russia & Ukraine

Chloë Gregory, Engineer April 13, 2022

  *This article contains potentially graphic topics and images. Please be aware of your mental state before reading. “Russian-Ukraine Conflict”—You’ve all heard the term by now, in some...

Curtis Kemtchouang Wins Second At States For Poetry

Curtis Kemtchouang Wins Second At States For Poetry

Jay Follin and Andrew Green April 13, 2022

Curtis Kemtchouang is a freshman at Brunswick High School. A freshman who competed in the Poetry Out Loud Competition for Brunswick High and his scores in the Maryland Poetry Out Loud Regional Competition...

A photo of the walkout

LGBTQ+ Problems = Never A Joke

Elizabeth Bailey, Engineer April 10, 2022

April 1st, 2022—A protest starts in the United States. Students in 241 schools across 45 states perform a walkout protest, carrying pride flags and posters against anti-LGBTQ bills that are being introduced...

Picture from a Broadway performance of Cinderella: The Musical, including dancers at the ball and an ominous clock looming above them.

Let’s Have A Ball At Cinderella: The Musical

Zelly Maier, Engineer March 30, 2022

On April 7th, 8th, and 9th, the BHS stage will be graced with a whimsical production of Cinderella! And not just any Cinderella story—the 1957 musical version created by the legendary musical theater...

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