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Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

Garnet & Gold Gazette

Jacob and Bella wining senior suprelative Future President. Image courtesy of BHS Yearbook Staff

BHS Goes Ivy League

Ava Stiglicz, Engineer May 4, 2023

Brunswick’s class of 2023 has not failed to impress us with some amazing accomplishments. Many upcoming collegiate athletes, future teacher’s, doctors, and more! Everyone should be so proud. At the...

BHS Staff Past Proms

BHS Staff Past Proms

Rileigh Tissue, Engineer April 21, 2023

Prom is almost here! Get your tickets for Night In Vegas '23 BHS Prom in the cafeteria all week of April 24th. Tickets will be on sale all week! BHS will hold prom on April 28th, at 7:00 PM at the Brunswick...

Set Up At Show - Credits:

The Frederick Rock School And It’s Influence on Brunswick

Mars Haga and Belle Pique April 5, 2023

The Let There Be Rock School is a program that was founded in Maryland, but is in multiple states across the USA. There are six locations currently, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia,...

The Murdaugh Family Murders

The Murdaugh Family Murders

Sydney Packin, Engineer March 31, 2023

The Murdaugh family is a very prominent legal family in South Carolina. The family’s law firm, the Parker Law Group, was originally founded by Randolph Murdaugh, Sr. in 1910, and has made the family...

Rise and Shine: The Making of BHS’s Morning Announcements

Baylin Hoffman, Michael Simpson, and Sammy Joseph March 20, 2023

Get ready to go behind-the-scenes and see firsthand what it takes to produce the daily broadcasts that keep the school informed and entertained. In this documentary, we'll be talking to the talented students...

Tip off vs Smithsburg in Regional Final

The Future Looks Promising For Brunswick Basketball

Ricky Cicmanec, Engineer March 7, 2023

With a new Brunswick Basketball season meant a new opportunity to accomplish more than the previous season. Winning only 4 games in the 2021-2022 season was unacceptable for this basketball program. Coach...

February is hanging on by the ropes.

All The Other Holidays In February!

Brianna Jordan , Engineer January 26, 2023

Valentine’s Day along with President’s Day are the holidays most known in February—it's the ones that truly get recognition and are known across the map. Using holiday insights and every major holiday...

Game Awards 2022 from Google Images

Game Of The Year 2022

Michael Andrews, Engineer January 23, 2023

Games are a big part of people's lives—some people love games and some people hate them. For the group of people who love games it could be hard to decide which game is better than the others and which...

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