Why The NFL Overtime Rule Is Unfair


How would you like it if the outcome of your decisions were based purely on luck?

If it was almost entirely out of your control? That’s the current state the NFL once overtime rolls around. The aspect of a coin toss to decide the starting possession, and having the outcome be decided almost entirely by luck is obviously flawed. An alternative method should be used so strategy can be taken into account.

How does this rule change how the game is played?

Back in 2019—the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs proposed an alternative to the rule, where both teams are given a chance to possess the ball, and whoever won the beginning game coin flip starts with the ball. More strategy could be taken into account for overtime, as its more predictable. This was stricken up after a loss in the playoffs to the Patriots in 2018 from a walk-off touchdown in overtime. 

What do the local players think about the rule?

After asking one of our high school’s local football players, sophomore Charlie Lawrence, for his opinion he shared, “The rules are unfair because it doesn’t give both teams an equal shot. The game essentially comes down to a coin flip, which is unjust to the team that doesn’t get the coin flip.” This insight stands hand in hand with the Chiefs’ suggestion back in 2019. The current rule doesn’t allow both teams to show off all talents in the current game.

Why does this rule cause outrage?

These rules don’t often come into play, but when they do, controversial outcomes always follow. This rule has only brought the feeling of dissatisfaction to everyone involved in the loss, because they feel robbed of an opportunity. This rule needs to see a change soon, for the better of the league.

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