What’s In The Future For Brunswick Students?

Brunswick Career Plans Post-Graduation


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Brunswick students shared what their career plans will be after graduation. Now that we are in our last years of high school we get asked this question quite often and a lot of us including myself aren’t too sure what we want to do. Some want to go to college and others just want to be done with school—forever. College isn’t a necessity to become successful in life or get a good job, it just depends on what you want to do after high school. 

I think I have settled on a truck driver for Martin Brower. A truck company that drives and transports food to different McDonald’s locations. They make a decent amount of money and it seems easy enough for even someone like me to be good at. I was talking to my friend’s dad and he said if he wasn’t in the military that’s what he would be doing. It’s nice to know that someone in the military would take up the same career as me.

“I don’t really know but I know I want to go to college in business education,” says sophomore Kameron Heyliger, currently employed at Burger King. People like Kameron have an idea of what they want do but not the exact career. He knows he wants to go to college and what he wants to do in college but he doesn’t quite know what his career is yet.  Others like me don’t want to go to college but still want a good paying job which is not impossible unlike some parents or teachers may say. 

Some people might not even want to pursue any type of career, they just want to work and obtain money the old fashioned way. They don’t care about if they enjoy the job they only care about how much money they are making to provide for themselves for a family. Me personally, I do not want to do that. I think having to live off paycheck to paycheck would be miserable. I will eventually figure out my career path and hopefully I will continue to do it, there is  a lot of jobs and careers to pick from so theres gotta be something that I wouldn’t mind doing