Uniforms VS Self Identity


Students in uniform from TIME for Kids.

Typically public schools don’t wear uniforms, but private schools a lot of the time do. This has been a controversial topic for a long time and there have been several arguments made on each side of the opinion. As uniforms provide structure and standards for students, it allows a school to look more unified and maybe even as if they have a strict standard for unity. As for wearing normal clothes it allows students to express themselves and show who they are as a person through clothing pieces. It also gives the students an opportunity to make a decision for themselves. 


Uniforms have been being worn in certain schools since the 16th century, the first to do it was the UK. They have been used to bring more civilization, it is shown that it creates more equality among students despite whether they are wealthy or not. And some even think that a uniform will keep a student more focused on their work rather than their outfit. Also, it ensures that a student doesn’t need to take a lot of time to get ready in the morning because their entire outfit is already planned. This would decrease the amount of tardy and absences a school has, but also ensure students focus on their academic performance. 


Wearing normal clothes allows a student to be optimistic and creative with their choices. It is also beneficial for parents who would struggle paying the fees of uniform and normal weekend clothing for their child. Uniforms are an expensive purchase for most parents. A school uniform can cost anything from $25-$600, this depends on the material of the clothing and how many clothing items a student is required to have. Americans as a whole pay 1 billion dollars in school uniforms each year. Student from Brunswick High School (junior) says, “You can never be yourself with a uniform, it ruins your self identity.” Which several others can agree with as well. Uniforms can cause a detrimental effect on a student’s self image. Picking out your clothes in the morning allows you to go over problem solving methods. Also, a lot of schools that require uniforms don’t allow students to have makeup on during school hours or wear their hair in certain ways or colors, which can take a toll on someone’s confidence. 

Fitting in:

Another part of the debate is, is it more likely that a student will get bullied with normal clothes? Some people think that name brand clothing items may create issues among students. The reason for this is, some families cant afford the same things as someone more wealthy would be able to. This then leads to other kids at school making fun of the student with less. People often look at fashion choices to fit in with others. Most people want to fit in, and with uniforms it would ensure that there is no competition among students.