How To Write An Article: For Procrastinators

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Well, that’s why I’m here writing this article. Starting an article can be hard for most people like mea procrastinator. We’re stuck in the mud, and are impossible to get rid of. It’s only as hard as you make it, and once you get in motion, it just keeps flowing.

Step 1: Find an Idea
For some this is the hardest part, as it takes possibly imagination. To start, think of things that have recently peaked your interest, as writing about things you like is easier than things you don’t. Another approach could be looking into the hottest news recently. Everyone wants to read about the latest drama, or the most recent big crime, because everyone wants to be in the loop.

Step 2: Make a Plan
Everything good starts with a plan, as they usually can predict the outcome. Being prepared can be the biggest advantage when it comes to deadlines. Writing is best when organized and written properly. Start with a general blueprint, like what information you’ll present at the start, and how you’ll spread it out.

Step 3: Research
Do some research on your subject. Find some quotes and facts on the topic, citing them to make your information come off as more believable. Make sure your information is accurate and relative. Find people to interview on the subject, if interviews are relative to the topic.

Step 4: Execute
It’s time to put that plan into writing. Start by sitting down somewhere clear and vacant of any distractors, as they can stop your train of thought. Just follow your plan through using any information you gathered beforehand. Getting your article done on time and on schedule feels relieving compared to it looming over your head.

Step 5: Repeat
Overall procrastination plagues many writers, but can be handled if you realize how fun writing can be. Enjoying what your writing about makes the process of writing far more enjoyable. Getting into a groove allows for a daunting task to be completed in a matter of hours, possibly not even! Being a student writer can be as difficult as you make it, but its all up to you.

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