Why New Generations are Doomed

Do Pronouns And Gender Really Matter?


People in these recent years have become very sensitive to just about everything and anything.

With the recent addition to advanced technology and the internet and social media it’s given sensitive people a place to grow and spread their feelings. Places like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram are homes to some of the most rude and some of the most sensitive people in the world. Both of those communities clashing on the same platforms and social media platforms for sure the causes of great conflict within them.

When I was a kid and even an early teenager, there was almost nothing you could say or do that would make you a hated person by everyone on the internet and in real life. Now there’s almost nothing you can say that won’t get you hated online.

It’s really sad how many people let themselves get mad or sad over someone saying, posting, or typing something online.  Even down to the wrong pronouns used in an ignorant situation. I do somewhat understand how judgmental individuals have become but at the same time it makes little to no sense.

Before social media this was NOT a problem and had no importance to everyday life.  Everyone today is so focused on being politically correct and simply correct about everything, even if they don’t know anything about the posted topic or issue, instead of having empathy for others.

Times change. People change. Think—100 years ago, pronouns were a thing but weren’t such a big problem. Now think 20 years ago, pronouns still existed but were still not as important. Now think 2 years ago, pronouns were being added to all social media platforms as a way to “describe yourself.” Pronoun preferences are even added to school information sheets as a way to tell the teacher about yourself. In 500 years when our bones are being discovered by some random scientist, the only thing that will matter and be displayed on the screens is how yo treated people.

Why do people fight online over such a personal decision? Why do you think this wasn’t a problem 20 years ago, as much as it is today? It’s the growth of the media that brought these thoughts and beliefs.

The internet gave people a platform to express themselves as something they really didn’t feel or a place they didn’t have before. It’s given people jobs in social media whose whole point is to relate to these audiences. They can make up new pronouns, new genders and even connect astrology signs with the personality of a person. With this new generation it’s given the ones who don’t fall for it and don’t cave into the new generation trends a reason to hate and bully the ones who did. And with the growth of the thought that you can just become whatever you want it’s just going to increase the counts of bullying and harassment. It will continue to divide us instead of bring us together if we let it.