Why Women Are More ‘Emotional’ Than Men

The Difference Between The Male And Female Brain

Why are women more emotional than men? Well it’s because we are different right? Women have periods and go through pregnancy which alters their hormones. Some people who ask this question have fallen prey to neurosexism, which leads one to believe stereotypes on human sex differences. A simple, googled answer to this question is hormonal differences, but I’m going to explain why exactly this is the reason. To start—let’s look at the brain. Several studies have been done on the differences between the male and female brain. 

Over the past 15 years, research in the field of the difference between the genders brains have increased in scientists and new technologies have created an increasing pile of evidence that there are inherent differences in male and female brain wiring and how they work. 

A study led by Rosalind Franklin University neuroscientist Lise Eliot, is the first scientist to reach a single mega-synthesis. What’s the difference between the male and female brain? According to Eliot, “hardly at all.” 

Another research was done by Nirao Shah,  who zeroed in on sex-associated behavioral differences. This means the male and female are programmed differently in mating, parenting, and aggression. An example of this is if a woman hears a crying baby, she is more likely to investigate or try to calm the baby than a man. This is the start of the statement “women are more emotional.”

Creative Commons Google Images Courtesy of Pxfuel

Another study shows that women have more grey area in the brain than men. Grey matter contains cell bodies in which help our brain process information that is located in parts of the brain that involve muscle control and sensory perception. 

A second part of the brain that differs is the inferior-parietal lobule. This area of the brain is linked to mathematical problems, judging speed, and estimation time. This part of the brain is larger in males than in females, (which could be why women “jump to conclusions”). 

In the end, the male and female brains aren’t that different. The real villain for causing women to be more emotional is their hormonal differences. A woman should never be ashamed for crying over something that another would find to be “dramatic.”