Yoho: The Man, The Myth, The Businessman

How he helps young minds do business

Mr. Yoho

Lucius Boget

Mr. Yoho

Mr. Yoho graduated from Linganore High School and after high school got his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at Messiah College in Harrisburg, PA. He would have majored in Accounting but wanted to do something he connected to more.  Later, he got his masters degree in Secondary Education at Mt. St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. Soon after gaining his masters, he started his teaching career at BHS and that is how he is known today.

Mr. Yoho mainly has taught versions of the personal finance class over the last nine years of him being in BHS—with the classes he’s teaching right now being Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Office Systems Management 1 and 2, and an FCC version of Intro to Business.

He has many things that he likes about teaching including getting to know and building relationships with the community and the students he teaches. The biggest thing he dislikes is the use of cell phones during class.

Mr. Yoho has many tips for students to help them succeed in life.

The first tip being to avoid credit cards, for they are mostly a scam. The second tip is to take full advantage of every opportunity high school gives you. The third tip to follow is to learn to type, for it will help you in life. The fourth tip is to push yourself further than average and you’ll succeed. The final tip is to take his classes, so you can learn more about a subject you’ll need for the rest of your life and so you can get more of his useful life tips and tricks.