Harpers Ferry Ghost Tour Review

Ghost Tours Of Harpers Ferry

Downtown Harpers Ferry - West Virginia public broadcasting

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Downtown Harpers Ferry – West Virginia public broadcasting

Located on St. Peter’s Church, 100 Church St, Harper’s Ferry, WV 25425. A ghost tour called “Ghost Tours of Harper’s Ferry ” consist of a ‘Family & Dog Friendly’ Spooky Stories experience appropriate for most people of all ages.  The tour is based on historic moments and haunting moments from Harper’s ferry along with interesting spooky facts. 


The tour continues to tell both the stories originally recorded by the National Park, as well as those compiled and told by Shirley Daugherty.


$18 Per Person anyone over 12 years of age, $14 Per Person anyone 8 to 12 years of age, No charge for anyone under 8 years of age.

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The tour focuses on the “Lower Town” section of Harper’s Ferry and the national park. This ghost tour is the oldest in america. The tour is 2 hours long. It is open year round. It also focuses on civil war stories such as the John Brown accident.  The ghost tour has relatively positive reviews with 4.7/5 stars and great tour guides.


Storytellers will show you old pictures of people and places of the Civil War. “The stories are also based on a book published in 1977.”  This is definitely  something worth checking out if your interested in history or paranormal activity. You can pay for it online or in person.