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Kylie Lancaster with the two Best of Sno awards she won in the 2023-2024 school year.
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Ava Stiglicz on her senior night for Brunswick High Schools Pom and Dance team.
A Last Letter From The Editor
Ava Stiglicz, Editor-in-Chief • April 30, 2024
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Kylie Lancaster, Editor-in-Chief • April 18, 2024

Girls Soccer 2023-2024

An Overveiw Of BHS’s Girls Soccer Season

Brunswick High’s girls soccer team is built from the strong, dedicated athletes and staff members of our community. The team has 19 members and three coaches. They work hard and do their best every time no matter the win or loss. They are committed to the game, their team and their community, and they make sure to show it.

So far this season the varsity team has a 0.43% win rate. As of October 16th, they’re 35th in Maryland, 33rd in the DC Metro area and 3rd in Maryland Class 1A. They’ve scored a total of 27 goals so far and have had 12 goals scored against them. In the MVAL (Mission Valley Athletic League) Piedmont region, against South Carroll BHS has one loss and three goals scored against them and their record is a 2-3-2.  

BHS’s girls soccer team heading to Mt. Ridge for a tournament (@brunswickgirlsoccer)

Recent Scores:

BHS vs. Clear spring- 10-0

BHS vs. Williamsport- 11-0

BHS vs. Catocin- 9-1

BHS vs. Middletown- 4-2

BHS vs. Saint James- 4-1

BHS vs. Linganore- 0-1


Girls Soccer Lineup:

#00/25 Sydney Williams, Junior    #11 Zoe Razunguzwa, Senior 

#3 Ava Fritz, Sophomore                 #12 Jasmine Elam, Junior   

#4 Jacie Powell, Junior                     #13 Katie Parry, Sophomore

#5 Annabelle Caruso, Senior          #15 Shae Bastian, Junior 

#6 Kylie Shawver, Junior                 #16 Laila Jackson, Sophomore

#7 Summer Nagy, Junior                 #17 Allison George, Junior 

#8 Brylie Jensen, Junior                  #18 Jasmine Partyka, Sophomore

#9 Alexa Domathoti, Junior           #20 Caylaeigh Armitage, Junior  

#10 Layke Jensen, Junior               #21 Chloe Callahan, Junior     #24 McKenzie Ligi, Junior


BHS against Mt. Ridge (@brunswickgirlsoccer)

The wonderful staff and coaches of the girls soccer team consist of the head coach, Dara Demich, and assistant coaches: Pat Elam and Matt Willems. The staff of this team are just as important as the members themselves and we’re so grateful for them and what they do to help this amazing team.


All in all, the girls soccer team has been doing great this season. Despite some losses, what’s important is they do their best and represent us well. Whether or not they’re the best team when they play isn’t has important has being the best team to each other. Their team has a good bond and that will always make them great. We can’t wait to see what any following games and seasons hold for our amazing girls soccer team. 

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