Lil Uzi & His Fantastic Fan Favorite Features

Reviewing Fan Favorite Features from Lil Uzi Vert & Other Artists

Lil Uzi Vert at Meek Mills Show in NYC in (2019)

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Lil Uzi Vert at Meek Mill’s Show in NYC in (2019)

There are a lot of really good rappers out there, and almost all of them have featured on a song or have had features on their songs. There have been a lot of good songs to come from really good features and a lot have been loved by the fans of both of the artists which help them both with popularity. And some might even help jump start another rapper’s career by having such a known and loved rapper on their song with them.

With Lil Uzi being an amazing artist people are going to want to be on his songs or have him on theirs. Plenty of other rappers have had Uzi do a bunch of songs, some have had whole albums, and some have gotten the opportunity, and privilege, to be on one of his songs. First, before getting into the features it’s important to know that all rappers charge a certain amount of money per feature, so to get them on your song you would need to pay the amount of money they charge. Lil Uzi’s charge per feature is unknown but we can be sure it’s a lot of money.

For the first feature, personally my favorite: “Shoota” by PlayBoi Carti featuring Lil Uzi is one of my favorite songs ever and it is an amazing example on how good of a duo Uzi and Carti are together. This song was released in 2018 and has 433 million streams on Spotify, being one of Carti’s best songs ever being his second most streamed song on spotify and the continuation of the Carti and Uzi duo with this being their third song together has been released to the public.

Kameron Heyliger, a sophomore a Brunswick High school, was asked about his favorite Uzi Feature and why, he said: “I would definitely say ‘Shoota’ with Uzi and Carti, They are legendary duo and it was produced by Maaly Raw one of the best producers in music.” 

Another Carti and Uzi song would be “Wokeuplikethis*” great song and is Carti’s third most streamed song on Spotify, right behind “Shoota.” And once again, just shows how good they are together musically. One of the best rap duos to ever exist, in my opinion, and they even have an entire album together soon to be released but at this time we do not know the exact release date for the album. This song has 390 million streams on Spotify right now and will for sure pass the 400 million streams mark in the near future.

Now for a song that isn’t just Uzi and Carti“The Way Life Goes” By Lil Uzi featuring Oh Wonder is a very good song and one of my favorites and certainly a couple of others love it considering it has 630 million streams on Spotify. This song is iconic and any rap fanUzi fanor not knows this song. This was on Uzi’s best album “luv is rage 2” and it definitely helped this album be as good as we all expected it to be.

Time for one of the most known Uzi songs ever: “Neon Guts” featuring Pharrell Williams. This song has a very iconic line in it which absolutely blew up all over social media like on TikTok and Instagram. Overall, this song is obviously really good but is drowned out by how many times it’s over played and used by non-Uzi fans like on TikTok and other social media apps. This song only has 159 million streams on Spotify which is just an example of how little people actually listen to the song on Spotify compared to using a snippet for their TikTok posts. Compared to other Uzi songs this is very underplayed on Spotify and the whole song deserves some more recognition. 

I think Uzi and other artists do a good job on collaborating with other artists. It gets a lot of different fan bases hyped and involved. More importantly, music collaboration brings the fan bases together to allow them to enjoy some amazing songs being introduced to the rap industry.  It’s not always easy working with someone, especially  on something you create like music you do for a living, yet somehow they make it work and make a really good songtogetherand that gives the fans something they never knew they needed or wanted.