History Behind Easter

Easter And It’s Background

History of the Easter Bunny from Google Images

History of the Easter Bunny from Google Images

The story of Easter comes from the new testament which tells how Jesus was arrested by the roman authorities because he claimed to be the son of god and was later crucified. His resurrection three days later, marks the occasion of Easter. Easter is also associated with the Jewish festival of Passover. The name “Easter” came from the name of a pe christian goddess in England named Eostre 

Easter is a different date each year falling between March twenty first and April twenty fifth defending on when there is a full moon in spring. It is also a religious holiday that many people celebrate. People usually get together with family and have lunch or dinner, they have Easter egg hunts, dye hard boiled eggs, kids get a visit from the Easter bunny and get baskets with gifts inside them. Easter is a time where family can get together and enjoy one another. 

The Easter bunny,eggs, and chicks are some of the representations of Easter because just like the resurrection of Jesus Christ, all of those things symbolize new life. The first chocolate egg appeared in France and Germany in the nineteenth century, but they were bitter and hard. As chocolate making techniques have improved, hollow eggs like what we have now, were developed.