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Egg prices are souring to over $7 for just a dozen of eggs at Walmart.

Egg Prices Crack Under Pressure

Mia McGuffin, Engineer February 1, 2023

Throughout the world egg prices soar as shelves grow empty. What will this mean for dying Easter eggs? How much will prices rise? When will this madness end?  What can I do to ensure eggs are in my...

History of the Easter Bunny from Google Images

History Behind Easter

Jaden German, Engineer April 28, 2022

The story of Easter comes from the new testament which tells how Jesus was arrested by the roman authorities because he claimed to be the son of god and was later crucified. His resurrection three days...

Image from Adobe Stock

Egg My Yard!

Murphy Nichols, Engineer March 29, 2022

Attention all Brunswick families! The Brunswick High School Safe and Sane Foundation is back with their Egg My Yard Fundraiser!    The Egg My Yard Fundraiser—is a chance for local families...

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