Egg Prices Crack Under Pressure

When Will This Madness End?


Mia McGuffin

Egg prices are souring to over $7 for just a dozen of eggs at Walmart.

Throughout the world egg prices soar as shelves grow empty. What will this mean for dying Easter eggs? How much will prices rise? When will this madness end? 

What can I do to ensure eggs are in my house?

In the beginning of 2022 the average price for a large dozen eggs was $1.39. In November of 2022, the price increased to $3.59. Since then the average price for a large grade A dozen of eggs has increased to $6.51. Prices are still estimated to increase and not stop anytime soon.

Egg prices have increased not just from inflation but from the source itself. A disease called Avian Influenza (also known as the bird flu) is infecting birds causing an egg shortage throughout the U.S. Avian Influenza is spread through the birds saliva, mucus, and feces.  Low pathogenic viruses will cause mild symptoms within the bird but mainly affecting their egg production. Many large production poultry farmers keep their chickens in close quarters. When one of the birds gets the Avian Influenza virus this will result in the virus spreading quickly and can kill the entire poultry flock within 48 hours.

Influencers are starting to buy egg laying chickens for their own eggs. (Mia McGuffin)


Since egg prices have increased, influencers and homeowners have thought of raising their own chickens for their egg laying. This act has not only increased the spread to the virus but also the cost of chicken feed leaving an inflation throughout the supply chain. Tractor Supply used to cost $18.49 now the price has increased to $20.49. One bag of feed won’t satisfy these chickens. On Average 12 chickens need at least three 50lb bags a month equaling $737.64 a year for just feed. Due to the increase in chicken popularity, feed has also increased in price as the storage goes down. 

 During the month of April, eggs are in demand due to Easter egg dying and deviled eggs. With the increase in egg prices, will consumers be left to dye plastic eggs?

During Easter many Americans plan to make and/or eat deviled eggs. (Mia McGuffin)
Dying Easter eggs might be limited or not possible this Easter due to the egg shortages and prices. (Mia McGuffin)










At least 230 million dozen eggs are sold during the Easter season. With egg shortages at the highest it’s been there might not be any eggs to dye. When thinking of the coming holiday season, try to buy your eggs ahead of time or buy plastic/foam eggs for holiday fun that’s cost effective

As Avian Influenza spreads and prices soar, be courteous and mindful with how much you’re spending on eggs.

Farm fresh eggs, egg laying chickens start to lay when they are five months old. (Mia McGuffin)