How Can You Better Your Mind & Confidence?

Ways To Help Avoid Negative Thoughts & Standards


Adriano Bulla

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Society and social media platforms today normalize not loving yourself.

Students and teens have a lot of pressure on to do everything perfectly.  Many are consumed by the idea that others are better off than them or obsessed with unreachable standards—like the way celebrities live and post online. In response to this, most people don’t know how to love themselves properly. I think most people at some point in their lives have had issues or suffer with their confidence. No matter if it was in Elementary school, the weird middle school years, even right now or maybe in the future of their lives later on. 

What can we do to help the confidence issue? How can you better yourself with the influence of others?

Other people influence what you do everyday if you like it or not. Whether it is your best friend, significant other, a random person on the street, teachers, coaches, etc. There is nothing you can do about it, but there’s a different way you can look at yourself and treat yourself to help your outlook on life just by doing little things. 

For example 10 tips and tricks to help your confidence and love yourself better:

  • 🌸Do what you love
  • 🌼Stop comparing yourself to others
  • 🌸Be yourself
  • 🌼Don’t let negativity eat you away
  • 🌸Make time for yourself
  • 🌼Be forgiving towards yourself
  • 🌸Remember you are enough
  • 🌼Listen to yourself 
  • 🌸Write yourself a love letter 
  • 🌼Silence your inner critic 

You will be the only person who is there for it all in your life. You are the only one that truly knows how you feel.
So why do we beat ourselves up? We think that we don’t matter enough sometimes. 

Do what you love. What makes you happy? Playing an instrument? Writing? Whatever that thing is, do it! It may not be the same as others but that is OKAY. Nobody is the same. That would be so boring. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. You were made to be your own person not to be that person over there. Oftentimes people get caught up in the idea “I want to be like that person” but forget they are a whole other person themselves.  

Be yourself. Don’t be the guy down the street be you. People like you not “them.”

Don’t let negativity eat you away. How are you supposed to be happy, confident, love yourself if you let negativity get the best of you? Remember today is today and tomorrow is better. 

Make time for yourself. You deserve a break. You work so hard and live. I am so proud of you so take a break and be happy. 

Forgive yourself. How come you can forgive others and not yourself? You’re not perfect. You won’t ever be perfect. So forgive yourself. 

You are enough. Every day you wake up, walk around, go to school, work. That is crazy and so cool! You do that every day and you should be so proud of yourself. 

Listen to yourself. Sometimes it is easier to listen to others than yourself. Remember you have a voice and sometimes you are the only one that can give the answers you need. 

Write yourself a love letter. People can always see your beauty and not all the time you can. So write yourself a love letter as if you are the most beautiful, bestest person ever. 

Silence your inner critic. Give yourself a break and breathe forgiveness and make that little voice in your head telling you you’re not enough, shut up because you are more than enough. 

You may not be able to see your true beauty but others can. Learn how to see your beauty, importance, amazingness, and awesome sauciness!

Use these tips and try to help your confidence out and give it a boost because you deserve it! 

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