The Deadly Process Of Procrastination

How Can We Make It Go Away?


ProcrastinationThe action of delaying or postponing something. That is the dictionary definition. It is the end of the year and we only have a few days left. The amount of work that has been piled up and put off till the last second,  waiting until the last day to be turned in because simply there was no desire to do it, will soon come to an end.  We all procrastinate either with school, work, or even just everyday activities. But why do we do it? Is there something we can do to prevent this? 

Short answer—No, long answer, yes. Now the last sentence you just read is probably really confusing. Let me explain, according to you can help procrastination with forgiving yourself and positive reinforcement. If you asked me a couple of minutes ago I would have said, “it seems like a bunch of lies.” The last thing I want to hear when needing encouragement is “forgive yourself and say nice things.” In the long run will this be successful in the long run? Yes, but in the short run and you have a paper due tomorrow you haven’t finished yet no. 

Why do we procrastinate? We procrastinate on tasks we find “difficult, unpleasant, aversive or just plain boring or stressful.” If a task feels especially overwhelming or provokes significant anxiety, it’s often easiest to avoid it. Another reason people procrastinate, Sirois said, is because of low self-esteem.”  Okay—maybe some self care isn’t all that bad. Scientifically it is very important to take care of yourself for multiple reasons, but in today’s day and age it is difficult. People seem better in every way compared to yourself and it is hard to stay motivated, so what can we do to help? 

Make a list. A simple list, that has tasks that you can complete easily at first but they get progressively harder. Making the list and completing what is on it will help you keep motivation and help with procrastination. For example: 

  1. Brush teeth
  2. Get ready
  3. Get done this assignment
  4. Go on a walk
  5. Spend time with yourself and with friends 

This list can go on but the point is that it is achievable and easy but gives structure to your day.

Think Positive. The next thing you can do is think positive; say nice things to yourself. Believe me I know how cheesy this sounds but whatever works, works. I challenge you to say one nice thing about yourself right now and mean it and if you say one new thing you like about yourself everyday who knows maybe it will help. There will always be bad days but there will always be good in them you just have to find it. Procrastination is hard because it is stressful. You can always feel the need to work on the assignment, work,  or everyday thing but you just have no encouragement or want to do it which makes it hard to get done. This will help it will just take a minute to work. 

Good luck and to my fellow procrastinators ☀
I hope this helped! And remember—you always have tomorrow!

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