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A Golden Orb Weaver waiting for prey

Spiders On The Rise

Brandon Montenegro Cruz, Engineer May 6, 2022

Spiders are always criminalized for their “bug” look, along with how dangerous they can be but I can safely assure you dear reader (unless you are from Australia) spiders aren’t as dangerous nor...

Artist is John Romita Jr.
From The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

The Origin of the Comic Book Hero

Brandon Montenegro Cruz, Engineer April 29, 2022

When the word “Superhero” is uttered one of the first things people think about would be the more modern Heroes in Marvel’s lineup along with some DC classics such as Batman and Superman, but what...

Moment of Triumph

BHS Academic Team Wins the Tournament

Brandon Montenegro Cruz, Engineer March 23, 2022

On February 25th, Brunswick High School jumped for joy at the 42nd annual Frederick County Academic Team Tournament as they took their new trophy and plaque home. The team in the audience had their...

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