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Brunswick Field Hockey Players Honor Teachers On Thursday

The Brunswick Field Hockey team is not just a team, but a family. Throughout the season, as they celebrate their wins and learn from their losses they stick together. This past Thursday, September 28, 2023, they played Urbana. Despite their loss, they had fun, learned, and worked hard together as a team!

This game was not just any game—it featured teachers! At this game, the team and their coaches, Heather Shawver and Kim Parry, decided to hold an event before the game to feature teachers. For this event, team members chose a teacher to walk out with them across the field. After the game, players wrote their teacher a handwritten thank you letter: thanking them for their support. 

Players and the teacher(s) escorting them:

  • Hayden Diaz (#1) escorted by Ms. Peterson 
  • Rachel Johansen (#2) escorted by Ms. Lorenzen 
  • Lilly Laverty (#3) and Joey Georg (#9) escorted by Mr. Shupp
  • Ava Bonanno (#4) escorted by Mrs. Gomez 
  • Paige Williams (#5) escorted by Mr. Tuomey
  • Hannah Davis (#6) escorted by Mr. Smith 
  • Carly Lindley (#8) escorted by Mr. Herber 
  • Belle Pique (#11) and Evie Johnson (#15) escorted by Ms. Volkert 
  • Sophia Rosales (#13) escorted by Mr. Bideshi 
  • Lauren Ronk (#14) escorted by Ms. Gray and Ms. Gomez
  • Kelsley Kettner (#17) escorted by Ms. Parry 
  • Jenna Cackowski (#19) escorted by Ms. Fairbrother
  • Henna DuColon (#22) escorted by Ms. Peterson 
The players and teachers standing on the field. (Ms. Volkert)

The purpose of this event was to honor teachers and recognize their hard work. Lilly Laverty, a sophomore and defensive player, said, “It was something nice we decided to do.” Not only did the players have fun but the teachers really appreciated what the team did. Joey Georg, a sophomore and a forward, thought, “all the teachers quite appreciated the thought” of the event. Players were also glad their teachers got to see a game. The team will most likely have this event in future years. 

Teacher appreciation won’t be the only event Brunswick Field Hockey hosts, but they also has a pink out game and a senior recognition game.

Brunswick players playing against Urbana (Bailey Laverty)

Besides games and practice, the team does a lot of bonding activities. They have many team dinners before games to give them lots of energy for a game. They also recently went flower picking. Another thing the team does is put Morgan’s Message stickers on their sticks. They do this because one of their team captains, Carly Lindley, is a part of Morgan’s Message.

Both players, Lilly Laverty and Joey Georg, said the team is their favorite part about playing field hockey. They said that, to them, field hockey means teamwork, perseverance, and family. Lilly says, “we are not the best team… playing wise, but we are the best team in… friendship. We are a very close team, and honestly I think that’s more important.” 

We are not the best team… playing wise, but we are the best team in… friendship. We are a very close team, and honestly I think that’s more important.

— Lilly Laverty

Later in the interview, Lilly said, “every game that we lose or win we learn something new.” Following that, Joey added, “and then we work harder.”

This team sets a perfect example of hard work, having a positive mindset, and perseverance as well as turning your team into your family along the way!

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