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Quest: Find The Missing Books!

Have You Ever Forgotten To Return A Library Book?
Sara Guillen
Missing Poster – Reward: Respect

Everyone eventually has to borrow a book from the school library, either being for a class or to read personally. Either way, some books never get returned. It’s hard for our librarian to keep track of every book that gets checked out, even with the computer’s help.

Although just from personal experience, I’ve heard many students having to pay back books they could not find to return. Many students across the country don’t end up returning the books and they find the books a few years later after they graduate, and it’s too late. Our students thankfully do not have this problem as much as other schools, but it’s still present.

We have great, responsible, students here.”

— Mrs. Thompson- School Librarian

As mentioned above, thankfully Brunswick High does pretty well returning books. Teachers remind students and keep reminding them until they do. If the books aren’t returned, they usually have to pay for the book. Our school librarian, Mrs. Thompson, has said herself that it’s not a huge issue, our students are pretty responsible.

Our school has approximately 848 students, and the school gets $8-10 per student for a book that’s about $8,000 total. Even so, we should hold responsibility for the books we already own. It’s our school, we should take care of it.

The library is an open place to study in, along with having access to many books. Mrs. Thompson is more than happy to lend books to the students who want to read and enjoy a book. Don’t let this discourage you from borrowing books, instead take this as a sign to read more!

Reading a book that interests you is a fun way to enhance reading skills without even thinking about it! Just remember to return once finished, and if you haven’t finished it in time, there is always the option to extend your borrowing time.

I don’t really care, as long as they are reading.”

— Mrs. Thompson- School Librarian

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Sara Guillen, Engineer
Grade: 12 Years as an Engineer: 1 How do you contribute to being a Roader? "She was president of the Book Club in 2022-2023, and plays for the Brunswick Tennis team. She is taking Journalism 1, hoping to learn more about journalism." What song do you listen to the most? "Ballroom Extravaganza" by DPR IAN What motivates you? "Sara is inspired by writing, music, art, anything that has to do with creativity motivates her to create new things, and see the creative side that people have." Why journalism? "She looks forward to being a journalist for The Gazette, hoping to read and write many entries."
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